Saturday 27 August 2016

He is twenty!

Hello friends

Today a non-crafty post...
This week that youngest boy of mine turned 20, wow!
All birthdays are milestones but I have to say this one has made me reflective.
It has been a turbulent few years with Elliott's illness.
He is not truly not out of the woods, we have been warned his tumour could grow
back at any point.  To keep check it is six monthly MRI scans,
a cocktail of drugs every day along with lots of injections -
I'm really good at wielding a needle!

But having said all that we do not dwell, we try to make light of all the bad stuff
with our sense of humour and remember things could have been so much worse.
If his illness had gone undetected any longer he would not have seen his
20th birthday. Always good to count your blessings.

 I have a unique relationship with Elliott, we spend a lot of time together -
for those of you who don't know - Elliott now runs Hope and Chances Creativity,
it has enabled me to fully focus on my Ambassador role with Spellbinders
and some TV work.  We do share a section of the craft cabin and
we discuss products and for a boy of 20 he knows an awful lot about craft!
(He is perhaps not so good at blogging...I've mentioned that a few times!)

Today's post also needs to include my eldest boy - Mitchell.
I miss him terribly now he has left home - he now lives and works in Woking.
I can remember thinking I would never miss his mess and all the washing but
nowadays I crave the odd mug and plate left on the lounge floor!
I'm delighted he comes back home to visit often and this week
we got to go out for a lunch together, the three of us again.
Yes they dwarf me now!

So, a non crafty post but I do use my blog as a diary and thought it
would be nice to post a heartfelt entry.

And also a message to everyone ...advice we all know but sometimes
lose sight of and need a gentle reminder -
never take anything/anyone for granted, life can change in an instant,
don't wait - if you want something go for it and beyond everything -
make the most of every day -
(that means a glass of wine and chocolate whenever you like too!)

Take care friends and have a brilliant Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. Christine, please pass on my birthday wishes to Eliot, and congratulations to you on your lovely family and how you have dealt with your trials love Ann

  2. Good morning Christine. Birthday wishes to Elliott. Lovely photo of the three of you. You must be very proud of your boys. Marion S xxx

  3. Your closing paragraph said it all. Prayers for you all and, thank you so much for sharing. Tough stuff to talk about but there is comfort in knowing others love and support you.

  4. Lovely post & lovely photos. I hope Elliott had a fantastic birthday & enjoyed everything.


  5. Belated birthday wishes to Elliot, a beautiful post and so very true, live each day to the maximum. Wishing you a joyful bank holiday too.
    Linda xxxx

  6. What a heartfelt post it brought a tear to my eye. You have all been through a terrible time & Elliott has grown into a fab young man. Hope he enjoyed his birthday, have a lovely weekend. Thank you for such a generous donation on my just giving page xxxx

  7. Morning Christine,
    Congratulations to Elliot. Got a bit chocked reading your post you have been though a lot over the past few years, and it's so good to see Elliot looking so well.
    Have a lovely lunch.

  8. Hello Christine
    So glad you have come out the other side with Elliott's illness!
    Lovely to see both boys enjoying the Sun with you!
    Birthday wishes to Elliott.
    Lots of love to all of you!
    Love Marg

  9. A very lovely Photo and post Christine, i hope Elliott had a great day .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  10. Hi Christine, what a lovely blog. The picture of the 3 of you is great, it makes you look so tiny but all very happy, it is lovely to see.
    It's funny how things are as your children grow, and they sqabblle, wind each other up (and you), make a mess of every room they enter...and then when they leave home or even stay but mature and become sensible, you wish you had them all little again, even though it may have been hard work.
    Your boys have become lovely young men.
    Take care, hope to see you soon xx Sally x

  11. Hi Christine a lovely blog today, you have a beautiful family. My eldest daughter was diagnosed with MS
    15 years ago and we take every day as a bonus. Saw you on the craft channel last week or so with Spellbinders well done, and Christina Griffiths did a little video as well. Kind regards Anne Owens xx

  12. Beautiful blog post and gorgeous photo. Your comment at the end is very true, i woke up one day and my life had changed and will be changed for life. Cherish every moment and do what you enjoy and want to do. Happy birthday to elliott. Hope you have a great weekend. P.S Elliott you need to blog more and where have the angels gone too. xx hazel

  13. Hi, a lovely post. So pleased Elliott is doing well and a Happy Birthday they are special. X Angel Sam.

  14. A lovely blog post today Christine, with a lovely photo of the three of you! Lots happens in life to many of us, and I agree with all your sentiments. You must live life for today, as you really don't know what is around the corner.
    Have a great weekend.
    Janice x
    PS - have Elliot's Angels flown the nest?

  15. Happy Birthday to Elliott. The last few years seem to have flown by. Take care and all have a lovely weekend. Thanks for sharing this happy photo.

  16. HI....I got into blogging because of Elliott. His/your story moved me so much. I don't leave comments often but I read all the blog posts you leave and try to buy the monthly charity kits to offer a tiny bit of support. I remember when Elliott couldn't take the MRI scan and again this move me. We all have watched your family blossom and I will always read your post, always buy the charity kits, offer support from afar and wish you all the very best...I am now going to take your advice and go and get a glass of wine x Happy Birthday Elliott you enjoy to the full and have fun x

  17. Hi Christine, Happy Birthday Elliott, I hope you had a brilliant day.
    I know what you are saying here, Christine, but not many of us do this do we !! I wish that I could make the most of every day without having to think about all the stresses of modern life, I really need to try harder.
    A beautiful piccie of you all, they are two handsome Sons you have there. I wish that I still had my two, like you say, life can change in an instant, it did for me.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Happy Birthday to Elliot! Wonderful blog and photo today. Thanks for keeping us all up to date on things.........

  19. Happy Birthday to Elliot! Thank you for sharinmg with us a little piece of your life!!! You're so sweet! <3 Lots of love from Italy!

  20. Happy Birthday Elliott,two fine young men you have now ,hope things always go well for both you Christine and your boys ,Nice to see you on the tv lately ,Laura O

  21. Hi Christine, I am relatively new to your blog but your last paragraph inspired me to comment. Never a truer word etc. May I wish you son a very happy birthday and every good wish for your families future.
    Margaret M

  22. Hi Christine.
    Thank you for sharing you joy with us and the hard times.
    Happy Birthday Elliott.I wish you all many happy times to come.
    Take care Kitty.

  23. What a lovely picture Christine and belated birthday wishes to Elliott. As you say we must make the most of each day. So, taking your advice I shall sit and watch the Grand Prix this afternoon with a glass of wine in my hand!! best wishes Jackie xx