Tuesday 25 October 2016

Geo Flower and Chocolate Demise!

Hello friends

Today another Geo die sample and this is Geo Flower.
It has created a frame for one of my favourite flower dies - Blooms One.

My sentiment has been typed and then die cut with one of the 
rectangular dies that comes with A2 Cutting Basics - so handy!

These Geo dies are currently available from Create and Craft
and later in the year from your Spellbinders retailer.

I'm back in my cabin today mourning my chocolate situation!
If you follow me on Facebook you'll know that I have had to give up 
Cadbury - since they changed the recipe it doesn't taste very nice at all!
They will certainly feel a dent in their profits as I had a permanent supply
of Buttons along with Flake and Dairy Milk.
This was Mother's Day haul this year...boys will not know what to buy now!

I've thankfully received some suggestions for alternatives so I'm 
prepared to give them a go...tough job but I'm up for it! ;)

Take care friends and hope your week is going well.


  1. Hello Christine
    Can't help with the Chocolate not had any since '93 !!!!
    Still get M******* though, not as bad!
    Pretty card today love those shapes!
    Love Marg

  2. Morning Christine, Ohh !! didn't know that Cadburys had changed their recipe !! Oh dear, you will be at a loss now, but hopefully you will enjoy 'sampling' other chocolate creations until you find more that you 'like' - enjoy the journey haha !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Christine, I hadn't coughton that Cadbury had changed the recipe I'm devastated I really don't like any other, love the geo cards, thanks Ann

  4. Card is lovely Christine, as usual.
    Try Lindor - that's a great favourite in our family these days - Yummy!

  5. Hi Christine
    Lovely card again today, you should start up a petition for Cadburys to change back to their old recipe, I'm sure all your followers would sign it, lol
    Chris xx

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  7. Hi Christine,
    Didn't know that Cadbury has changed the recipe, will have to test it out.
    Great card.

  8. Hi Christine,
    I was wondering why I was no longer enjoying eating Cadbury choc. My sister, who loved it, now swears by Lidl, their premium (which is probably the same price as your previous favourite brand, so add that to your list lol). I used to like Galaxy but their recipe changed too. It's so sad when they change things for no reason isn't it.
    On to the card now...I LOVE IT! I'm really enjoying seeing all the cards made with this new collection.
    Bejay xx

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  10. Hi Christine,
    Lovely card again today.
    Oh dear Cadbury chocolate has changed we must find a replacement soon.
    Take care. x.

  11. Oh no didn't know they changed the recipe !! Galaxy is lovely though. Gorgeous card xx