Monday 13 November 2017

Advent Kits and more...

Hello friends

Thank you for all the lovely comments on yesterday's post,
the letter written by Great Uncle Walter is a treasured possession,
I did attempt to locate a photo of him in service through
the various forces websites but I'm still looking.
I have lots of memories of him as I was growing up,
he and his wife Dorothy retired to Ramsgate and lived in the 
most pristine bungalow I've ever seen! 

Today I'm going to mention Christmas approaching, 
(42 days...I know it's coming around so quickly)!

But this does lead me neatly on to mentioning Advent Kits!
I started doing these a few years ago and they've always proved popular.

There is available advent kits, frames
and individual boxes available on the website.
If you are new to my blog/website you may not have seen these.

There is a full kit available that consists of :

Wooden frame
25 cut/embossed box bases - ivory pearlised cardstock, 300gsm
25 cut/embossed box lids (paper design is Simple Stories - December Documented)
25 small decorative patterned labels
Ready made circular numbers 1-25
Full instructions

To create, it's as simple as folding the boxes and lids, 
assembling with your chosen adhesive,
attaching labels and numbers.
A fun project to do with children too.More details are here.

Over the years I've had requests for frames only, they are available here.
Or if you already own a frame and would like updated/replacement box components,
you can purchase those here.

Also the numbers on their own are available, details here -
these can be printed in burgundy or green - make sure you 
request what colour when you order please.

I've had one of these frames up for my boys every year,
I enjoy shopping for all the little treats and add coins, chocolates 
and sometimes little promise notes of things to do in the New Year.

Take care friends and have a great start to the week.


  1. Fabulous kit, I do remember the first year you did this, how time flies. Great kit and love the fact you can buy individual pieces if needed. Have a great day xx hazel

  2. Hello Christine
    I have family birthdays before Christmas so have to get them over with first!
    Nice advent calender!
    Love Marg

  3. Hi Christine, I, too, remember the first time you showed us these beautiful Advent goodies, they are really beautiful.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Hi Christine
    Lovely advent calendar I must say. Thanks for sharing.