Wednesday 1 June 2016

Chocolate Ecstasy!

Hello friends heavy blog post! 

Yesterday I spent a fabulous day in London on a 
This was organised by my writer friend Carole Matthews as a
thank you to those who had helped promote her book
The Chocolate Lovers' Wedding.
Here we all are...

The tour leader - Jennifer is fantastic, not only is her chocolate
knowledge superb she has snippets and facts about
London as you walk to the various chocolate shops.
Despite the rain it was a brilliant day out.

We started with hot chocolate and pastries in Sketch, a rather swanky
restaurant/club in Mayfair.

Aspreys - just across the road.

First stop the Queen's chosen chocolate shop - Charbonnel et Walker

I'm clearly not royal as I wasn't too struck on the violet and rose cremes 
but I did rather like the champagne truffles!

Next stop Prestat - fun, bright and quirky - very Willy Wonka.
Loved this shop!
Marzipan and Pistachio particularly good along
with London Gin truffles!

We walked by Fortnum and Mason and their windows are 
Alice in Wonderland at the moment.
A real treat for the eyes.

More chocolate stops...
Paul A Young - there's even Marmite truffles here!

I couldn't quite cope with eating chocolate in every shop so I brought 
some home - I'm thinking I can probably eat them later in the week!

If you fancy a Chocolate Ecstasy Tour
you can contact Jennifer via her Facebook page here
or the website here.

Take care friends -
crafty posts resuming soon!


  1. Wow looks like an amazing day, love the photos xx hazel

  2. Wonderful day out for you all Christine , great Photo's too , love the Alice in Wonderland theme .)

  3. Hi Christine, Wow !! what a brilliant tour, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, that is my kind of tour !! The pastries in Sketch looked amazing and all the chocolates being 'showcased' looked amazing, but 'my' favourite would be looking at the 'Alice in Wonderland' windows at Fortnum and Mason, I love,love,love anything 'Alice' and I would have been in my 'element' just looking !!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Hello Christine!
    I'm reading Chocolate Lovers Wedding at the minute!
    I do envy all you who can eat Chocolate, and not get a M*****e!!
    Glad you had a lovely day!
    Love Marg

  5. Looks good but being diabetic would not be good for me.

  6. Looks like a wonderful day out. I've started reading Carile's books from hearing about her on your blog. Just finished her first book Let's meet on platform 8 so will see what is in the library tomorrow.

  7. Hi Christine.
    Wow what a fab tour, Thank you for the Photos.
    Have fun Kitty.

  8. Morning Christine,
    Looks like a chocolate lovers dream, thanks for sharing the photos, F&M windows look amazing.

  9. Hi Christine,
    It looks a great day out,
    lovely photos and the chocolates are fantastic.
    I am sure you must have really enjoyed yourself
    Take care. x