Wednesday 1 March 2017

Geo Flower makes an impression!

Hello friends

1st March!
Happier that nicer weather is hopefully around the corner.

Delighted to say that the MRI scan went well yesterday,
we now await the results but at least one bit is out of the way.

London never fails to entertain, you don't often see one of these...

I also realised that Elliott had never been to Liberty so we took a look around,
so pleased it has retained all its original features.

I also spent a ridiculous amount of time in Paperchase,
I could happily be locked in there for a day or two!

Now to craft...
Today's card is similar to the one I featured last week using Decagon View,
this time I've used Geo Flower.
Using the die to emboss only I positioned it slightly off the edge of the card
front.  Found some scrap paper with a little design for the die cuts to overlay.
Blooms One to the middle.

A closer view of the embossed only design.
Works well with cardstock of a good thickness, say 250 gsm plus.

Geo Flower is available to pre-order - arriving soon.
I want to say this one is my favourite but then again have you seen
the other Kaleidoscope designs - especially Rhombus Borders?

I really liked Mim's comment yesterday regarding giving up something for
lent, far better to do something nice and useful for someone else.
Thank you Mim, definitely food for thought.

Take care friends.


  1. Hi Christine and Elliott.
    Thank you the photos are great.
    A lovely card too.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  2. Hi Christine and Elliott.
    Thank you the photos are great.
    A lovely card too.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  3. Morning Christine,
    Thank for sharing the photos. Pleased to hear the scan went okay.
    Love the card too.

  4. Hello Christine
    Glad the MRI went OK for Elliott!
    Nice looking around Liberty I've never been there!
    Love the Embossing on the card too!
    Love Marg

  5. Morning Christine, I'm so glad Elliott's scan went well, fingers crossed for the results.
    Fabulous piccies today. I'm loving the brow van, I wish they could give me some brows, I only have the beginnings of mine the rest haven't grown back for years, the result of years of plucking haha.
    The Liberty building is 'amazing' I love the outer of the building, black and white and the architecture looks amazing, and the inside is Wow !! I would love to go see this building.
    Your CAS card is really lovely.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Glad to hear MRI went well. I do hate the waiting game, hope you dont have to wait too long. OOO Liberty's how exciting. Glad you had a smooch around the shops and had fun. Lovely card love the clean and simple ones. Have a great day xx hazel

  7. Lovely pictures and card, glad the MRI went well.
    Elaine H X

  8. A really lovely card Christine, that's a great design.
    I'm so glad Elliott got through the scan ok and loved seeing the pictures of Liberties, I haven't been there in many years. I agree with Patricia's comments about the brows, mine suffered too through over plucking, and pencilling in just looks so silly on me.
    Chris xx

  9. So glad the scan went well yesterday..cross my fingers and toes for the result x Agreeing with all about the comments about lack of eye brows...In my day you over plucked them and they have appeared never really to have grown back! The van is so cute. Love the photos of Liberty's. Gorgeous card, Love the delicate colours against the gorgeous white x Happy St. David's Day to all xxxxx

  10. Hi Christine so nice to see the pictures of the Liberty shop been years since I have been there. Glad Elliott had a good hospital visit just hope the results are good too. Love the card you have shown today. Best wishes Jackie x

  11. Hi Christine

    Beautiful card so clean and crisp love it.

    So pleased the MRI scan went well and you had a great day in London loved the idea of a brow mobile what next he he :-)
    Thankyou for sharing the Liberty pictures I have seen it from the outside but
    never ventured in perhaps one day.

    Luv n hugs Annxx

  12. Beautiful card Christine. Glad everything went ok with the scan yesterday. Haven't been to Liberty's for years.

  13. lovely card glad to hear everything went well ,Laura O

  14. Fab card :) I'm loving your samples with this die.