Monday 27 March 2017

Lots of pins!

Hello friends

I hope all Mums had an enjoyable day yesterday.
I had the rash idea of starting a spring clean by  having a wardrobe clear out,
quite a few hours later all I had achieved was rather a messy bedroom floor.
Sorted now and I have finally come to terms with the fact that 
if I haven't worn something for 5 years+ I'm unlikely to start wearing it now!

Pleased to say the day was rounded off with a takeaway so not 
all spring cleaning.

So...yes Mother's Day - sharing a card with you today 
I made quite a while ago. It has proved very popular on Pinterest.
In fact it has been pinned over a 1,000 times!

It features Anemone Flower Topper and Classic Triple
Scallop Edgeabilities. Embossing folder used for the background
is Garden Delight.
Teal and white also make a lovely combo.

A very rare time I actually placed a bow on a card!

Today back in my cabin, I've got quite a list of projects to make 
so DVD on and Platinum 6 at the ready :)

Take care friends.


  1. Morning Christine and Elliott.
    Thank you a lovely card.
    Take care have fun Kitty.

  2. Morning Christine and Elliott.
    Thank you a lovely card.
    Take care have fun Kitty.

  3. Gorgeous card Christine. It's good to have a clear out, im using the wear and item and turn the coat hanger round at the end of the year if its not worn it goes to the charity shop. Im also doing one in one out, so if i buy anything new one item has to go. Have a good day xx hazel

    1. What excellent ideas! I'm going to try this Hazel :) xx

  4. Lovely card & a great colour combination.


  5. Hello Christine
    Glad you had a good day!
    Hoping for more Spellbinders on C/Craft!
    Love Marg

  6. Lovely card Christine, i have not used teal card for quite a while, i must get some more.
    Elaine H X

  7. Morning Christine,
    A very pretty card.
    just had a looks at the postings since Friday, my laptop has been poorly, just repaired.

  8. Morning Christine, A beautiful card, lovely colours and loving the stick pins too.
    So glad you had a lovely Mothering Sunday, and finished off with a takeaway, lovely.
    Have you ended up with a pile of clothes now haha. I used to put mine in the Charity bag, but I want to try quilting next so have started 'keeping' my old clothes to cut up now, and I haven't started quilting yet hahaha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Lovely card Christine. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. Hi Christine,
    I've finally got around to looking through your blog posts properly after returning from holiday, where we had very limited internet, and a very busy weekend. Today's card is lovely, I love those colours. So glad you, Elliott and Stanley had a lovely time in Disneyland Paris.
    Hopefully I can get on top of things now I'm back to normality.
    Take care
    Chris xx

  11. Evening Christine. This is beautiful and I can see why it's so shared on Pinterest. Thanks for reposting. Xx