Thursday 15 June 2017


Hello friends

I got up yesterday morning with the intention of typing a blog post,
heard the news of the terrible fire in London and stopped typing.
Blogging paled into insignificance.
My heart ached for those people, family and pets caught up in such a tragedy.
Fire terrifies me (as I'm sure it does others),
I cannot and honestly do not want to imagine what those people 
went through and what they suffered and will continue to suffer 
while rebuilding their lives.

I do not want to be maudlin and I rarely stick my head above the parapet and 
voice an opinion but doesn't it throw things into perspective?
I am rich today, rich beyond words because I have a roof over my
head and my family and pets are safe.
I wanted to shout this from the rooftops yesterday
when I heard petty trivialities in the supermarket and read similar online...

So that's my words today with just a little crafty offering...

Hug those closest today.

Take care friends, it is Friday Die Day tomorrow and that boy of 
mine has been working on a video...


  1. Yes Christine it's heartbreaking. I lived in a terraced row years ago and the family opposite lost everything in a fire including two children. Dad had hoarded coal under the stairs which caught and cut ff their means of escape. The house was gutted and I can still see it now. No-one deserves what has happened to those poor people.x

  2. It's stunned us all Christine and watching it on tv had me in tears for those families. Gorgeous card and lovely sentiment xx hazel

  3. Lovely card, very pretty.

    I agree with your comments, I'm going to remind everyone at work today how lucky we all are considering what has been happening in recent times.


  4. Echoing your comments Christine, lovely card.
    Best wishes Lilian in Cornwall

  5. Hi Christine,
    It was absolutely horrific yesterday and my heart goes out to all the victims and families involved, your words are so true. It does put things into perspective, when I look around at my possessions and realise my family are my greatest assets.
    Keep safe everyone and let's all check our fire alarms and carbon monoxide monitors.
    Chris xx

  6. Hi Christine,
    Just like you my heart goes out to all involved in the terrible tragedy.
    Thank you for your lovely card today.
    Take care. x.

  7. Good Morning Christine
    Ditto to all the comments about the awfulness of yesterday!
    Love the Flowers on todays card are they Spellbinders?
    Love Marg

    1. Hello Marg, yes they are Bitty Blossoms from Spellbinders :) x

  8. Morning Christine,
    I echo your words, be thankful.
    Lovely card.

  9. Hi Christine
    I echo every word , i had to turn off the TV as it was so upsetting , my heart goes out to all involved
    a pretty little card .
    Elaine H X

  10. I have hugged all my closest and dearest x

  11. Hi Christine

    I echo every word that you have said.

    My heart goes out to all the people I cannot imagine how they are coping.

    We are so Blessed to be safe.

    Beautiful simple card and the sentiment is so apt

    Luv n hugs Annxx

  12. Evening Christine. A lovely card.
    It was an horrific sight, unbelievable, and was heartbreaking to think of all those poor people trapped st the top of the building. Xx

  13. Morning Christine and boys.
    My heart goes out to all those poor people.
    A terrible tragedy.
    Take care all Kitty.

  14. Morning Christine and boys.
    My heart goes out to all those poor people.
    A terrible tragedy.
    Take care all Kitty.