Wednesday 28 June 2017

That pretty piece of patterned paper...

Hello friends

Today's card features Marisa Job's Thank You Pop Up die.
I've chosen to use it flat but having the pop up option is a nice alternative
especially for decorating boxes and making table favours.
I based the whole design around the blue bird on the patterned paper -
do you ever do that?  Work a project around a particular piece of paper?
One day I intend to see the bottom of my scrap paper box but not sure when!

I added lots of blue flowers and the foliage is Sprigs.
Distressing the paper is something I always used to do and had stopped,
nice to revisit these techniques occasionally.

Just heading to my cabin, at the weekend I tidied up the stock room
and Elliott has given his approval(!)  I should carry on and tidy my craft area
but somehow the actual crafting is a lot more fun!

Thank You Pop Up is available on the website here.

Take care friends.


  1. Lovely card Christine, enjoy your day xx hazel

  2. Hello Christine
    Glad Elliott approves of your tidy up..don't think he would if he saw my craft boxes lol!
    Love the little Blue flowers!
    Love Marg

  3. A very different card today Christine, love the paper and flowers .
    Elaine H X

  4. Beautiful card Christine. Very pretty flowers. My craft room is in desperate need of a tidy but I'd rather make a card!!! Xx