Saturday 29 July 2017

Out and About...Desk Adventures and Other Stuff!

Hello friends
Covering bits and bobs on the blog today.
Here we go...
I'm getting out and about.
For the first half of this year I've kept demos and workshops to a minimum,
it gave me a chance to get jobs done around the home,
spend some quality time with the boys (and Bella!)
And I also helped promote Paperhearts and Summer Kisses.
But now I'm missing visiting shops and teaching workshops.
If you've met me you'll know I miss the chatting! 
I've decided I need to be out and about again.
On my Spellbinders on Tour page - it's on the sidebar to the right
or please click here.   I've listed the bookings so far -
Keep on Crafting - Bury St Edmunds
Art of Craft - Farnborough
Dies to Craft For - Harwich
If you would like to find out more or book, please visit the links,
it would be lovely to see you!
Next up...
Many years ago before I even discovered craft and die cutting, my hobby
was writing.  That is actually how I met Carole Matthews.
I've had some stories published and I have a few half written novels
languishing in a drawer.
On the odd day I still sit in front of blank screen and write.
I'm now posting my endeavours on a separate blog called
Desk Adventures - if you fancy a look, please visit here.
And now...
On this coming Monday Hope and Chances will have a very useful offer -
Elliott urges you to sign up to emails so you do not miss out!
Please sign up here.
I promise it is a good one!
Take care friends - enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Will check out your new blog later & looking forward to hearing what Elliott has in store for us on Monday.


  2. Looking forward to hearing Elliott's news and nice to hear you are still writing. Have a great weekend xx ahzel

  3. Morning Christine,
    You have so much going on in your life, I don't know how you get so much done.

  4. I didnt know you were a writer Christine , i will look at your link when i get the chance.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  5. Hi Christine
    I've just had a lovely 'catch up' on your blog over the couple of days, things are hectic here at the moment. I love the Christmas tag idea, putting on photos instead of names, I may have to steal that one. I would have loved to come to your class at Bury, but just cannot do it this time. I look forward to reading your Desk Adventures a bit later, I may even get some crafting in this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing Elliott's offer on Monday.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Chris xx

  6. Hello Christine
    I am reading Carole's latest at the minute (my turn to have it) everyone else has read it in the group!
    I am just up to you meeting Max!!!!!!!!!!
    Look forward to Mondays news from Elliott.
    Love Marg

  7. Will check out your blog in a sec and am intrigued about Monday! Am already signed up to the newsletter. Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  8. Hi Christine and boys.
    Thank you, I have just read all your little storys.
    Now i am wondering what Elliott has in store. Take care Kitty.