Friday 25 August 2017

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

Thank you for all your kind get well messages.
I'm rather disappointed to report that they could not remove my kidney stone,
I had visions of coming home with it in a little jar but was not to be.
My stone packed a little case and went travelling, it got bored of being in my kidney!
The surgeon could not locate it but feels it is probably still there.
(I'm very certain it is still there!)
So it is a bit of a waiting game which is not ideal but life
is never really straightforward is it, it likes to keep us on our toes!

Now to crafty stuff...

This week's Friday Die Day is the stunning
This is a truly magnificent five piece die set, this is how it looks cut/embossed.

The approximate measurements are:

Oval Tag: 1.40 x 2.10 in. 3.6 x 5.3cm
Floral Oval: 2.90 x 3.90 in. 7.4 x 9.9cm
Oval Insert: 3.15 x 4.15 in. 8.0 x 10.5cm
Crest: 4.70 x 6.35 in. 11.9 x 16.1cm
Crest Frame: 4.9 x 6.65 in. 12.4 x 16.9cm

For my card design I cut the crest, floral insert and oval tag from ivory card 
and the oval insert and a further tag from gold mirror card.

My card base with Anna Griffin paper.

I used Cinch and Go Flowers Two for an embellishment, cut from pink card 
and inked lightly.  I layered the tag and stamped 'Thanks'.

The finished card - these dies are both beautiful and regal.
I also see a fairytale mirror frame with this design.

Victoriana Crest is one of Becca Feeken designs -
Amazing Paper Grace and is available on the website here
and Cinch and Go Flowers Two is available here.

It's a special day today - Elliott's 21st! 
We've got a few nice things planned over the weekend
including a barbecue so fingers crossed for nice weather and grateful to 
my family for stepping in and helping out while I've been out of action.

Take care friends, have a lovely weekend.


  1. Oh dear Christine that is not good news, let's hope he loses some weight and goes peacefully and naturally. Hoping it gets resolved soon. Gorgeous die set and card. Happy birthday Elliott, have a lovely weekend and birthday xx hazel

  2. Lovely card& a great die.

    Fingers crossed your stone is on the move & will leave you very soon.

    Fingers crossed for good weather this weekend for your barbecue.


  3. Morning Christine,
    Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Elliot. Enjoy the festivities.
    Poor you Christine, hope it gets on the move soon.
    Lovely card and die set.

  4. Hello Christine
    So pleased you will be home for Elliotts 21st after all he has been through its wonderful you can celebrate!
    So sorry the STONE is playing about I hope the pain is not too bad!
    The Becca Dies this time are beautiful and this one is so pretty!
    Have lovely CELEBRATIONS Christine and Elliott etc!
    Love Marg

  5. Hi Christine
    Congratulations to Elliott, have a fab day and a wonderful weekend of celebrations.
    A very lovely card Christine, so sorry you still have your stone , but lets hope he runs away soon .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. Beautiful Design by Becca as always. Sorry to hear your kidney stone is hanging on. Hope that you are able to enjoy the weekend celebrations. Happy Birthday Elliot.

  7. Hi Christine
    Great Dies by Becca Feeken. I'm sorry sorry to hear you went into hospital to have your stone removed but it decided not to play ball. Hopefully it'll show itself soon.
    Many happy 21st to Elliot. He's grown into a lovely young man. Have a great weekend.

  8. Hi Christine

    So sorry to hear your kidney stone is AWOL I do hope that it behaves and your

    not in that awful pain. Like you I thought that you would come home with it

    in a jar (a vision I had of a pretty decorated jar with said "stone" gracing

    your craft shelves do hope it gets sorted out soon.

    Congratulations to Elliott on your 21st Birthday wishing you good health

    much happiness and all the good things in life. You are a lovely young man.

    Christine this card is beautiful aaaaght Anna Griffin paper ooooh how I wish

    you could still get them here in the UK. Becca's die set is so gorgeous I need

    an 80th birthday card for a dear Friend later in the year and I think this is

    the die I will use it's stunning.

    Have a really lovely weekend

    Love and hugs to you all


  9. Hi Christine, ah that's not nice that the stone could not be found, nothing is ever straightforward. Happy 21st birthday wishes to Elliott, and today's card is beautiful.
    Love Anne Owensxx

  10. Hi Christine. Beautiful card using one of Becca's dies again, though it is rather large.
    So sorry your visit to hospital wasn't fruitful but hope you have a pain free weekend celebrating Elliott's 21st.

  11. Beautiful card. So sorry they couldn't find the stone ! Hoping it will soon be sorted for you.
    Happy 21st to Elliott such a remarkable young man. Enjoy the celebrating xx