Friday 27 November 2015

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

Happy Friday Die Day!
This week I'm featuring Loop Roll Flowers, this is one of the
dies from the Amazing Paper Grace Collection.

The die set consists of 4 dies and the approximate measurements are:

Roll Flower Small: 4.50 x 2.00 inches
Roll Flower Large: 4.50 x 3.00 inches
Leaf Large: 2.40 x 1.30 inches
Leaf Small: 1.95 x 1.10 inches (5.0 x 2.8cm)

This is how they look cut/embossed.

When you use the dies to create the flowers you will see that you need to trim
the end sections away.  This is because, if you wish, you can extend the die to make
extra long/fuller flowers.

Once you have cut/embossed your flower strip, apply adhesive to one inner edge,
you are going to be folding this in half.
Tip: place a pen or something similar inside to keep the fold rounded.

Secure firmly down.
Switching to your Tool n' One begin to roll the flower.
Continue until you reach the end and secure with a dob of liquid glue.

I've chosen to decorate a Square Petal Top Box.
Added a length of ribbon and the die cut leaves from this set.

Placed my Loop Roll flower on top, you can keep tweaking these...believe me!
These flowers also look beautiful cut from felt, fabric, tissue paper and more.
Loop Roll Flowers is available on the website here.
Have a wonderful weekend - I'm heading up North again!
You can find me on Sunday at Garners Garden Centre - Stoke-On-Trent,
I will be demoing Spellbinders and there will also be a make and take.
Take care friends.


  1. Hi Christine,
    Love the leaves in this set and the flower reminds me of the decorations that go on presents with gift wrap I can't remember the name, it looks great on the little gift box.
    Have a good.
    Chris xx

  2. The box looks gorgeous, the leaves look like mini Xmas trees.


  3. Morning Christine, This gift box looks delightful, the leaves and the rolled flower looks stunning, it has a look of a rolled pom pom, and an ideal embellishment for presents, I hadn't realised how lovely this die set is.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Gorgeous dies set Christine, love the box you have made with the flower and leaves on top xx hazel

  5. Hi Christine,
    Your gift box is really pretty I love it.
    I hope you have a great weekend,have a safe journey.
    Take care. x

  6. A lovely die ,i think the flower and leaves are so pretty, Don't know if i will be able to look you up at Garners Christine , but will do my best, Have a great time .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Hello Christine
    I love Becca's Designs and this one is pretty!
    Thanks for demo!
    Take care

  8. Hi Christine, Lovely die. love Jean Z xxx

  9. Hi Christine,
    A very pretty flower, gorgeous box too.

  10. Hello Christine , beautiful box and gorgeous flowers xx

  11. Hi Christine,
    Fingers crossed it looks like today is a good day...a lot of the time I just can't seem to post on the blog :(. I have to be honest and say the thing I love the most about this die set is...the leaves!! They are just so cute aren't they. I do love the oh so easy way to make pretty flowers as well, a good set to have :).
    Bejay x

  12. Hi Christine
    Love this fab little box, the flower is so unusual and the leaves are to die for (ha, ha).
    Enjoy your visit to Stoke/
    Take care

  13. Gorgeous box and flower Christine, made in my favourite colour! The flower is something quite different, I love the design of the leaf.
    Janice x

  14. This looks a fab die Christine.
    Do you still use the knitted squares please?