Sunday 10 January 2016

"D-Lite"ful Giveaway!

Hello friends

Let's make this Sunday a "D-Lite-ful" one with a giveaway!
Are you craving some sunshine and Spring-ness?
I've noticed everything is early this year, bulbs are sprouting already -
the seasons are a little muddled.
With this in mind I'm thinking flowers - petals...
Pretty Petals C in fact.

I really like this die set - it consists of both larger and smaller petal shapes.

Here's a card project I previously made with Pretty Petals C.

If you would like to win a set, as usual very easy - just leave a comment on 
today's blog post.
A winner will be announced next week.

Oh yes I must mention - if you've asked me a question in comments please
check back for a reply - I do get to them eventually :)

Take care friends and wishing you a d-lite-ful Sunday!


  1. Hi Christine
    I love your style, the colours and simplicity are just up my street
    Thank you
    Pat x

  2. Hi All
    Thank you, I too love this die set. take care Kitty.
    I am still Wondering if Create and craft have also lost Spellbinders.

    1. Hi Kitty, Spellbinders still work with Create & Craft and Christina Griffiths covers those shows. Also look out for us on The Craft Channel :)

  3. Christine Good Morning
    Love today's project.Nice easy style for a Sunday morning's crafting. Do hope we have some springtime weather instead of all this rain.

  4. Hi Christine I have just seen yesterday's reply thank you. Kitty.

  5. Morning hope your having a lovely weekend, gorgeous make and very generous giveaway x

  6. Hi Christine
    Your card is just beautiful as always, loving the petal shapes of this die ,
    Good Luck everyone.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Hi Christine
    This is a very different die set which could be used in a few different ways, so pretty too. Your card is very striking, I love the elements you have used too. Thank you fit the chance to win this set.
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Janice x

  8. Morning Christine,
    Another generous giveaways thanks you. A lovely card.

  9. Lovely card & a great die set. Will keep my fingers crossed.


  10. Hi Christine,
    A great card, I love the script and music strip against the white background and the the splash of colour with the flower.
    Chris xx

  11. Beautiful card and dies set. Love the music notes along the edge x xhazel

  12. Hi Christine,
    Another lovely card today,the dies look really useful,
    Thank you for a chance to win the giveaway.
    I hope you have a good day . Take care. x.

  13. Hi Christine love the card. I don't know about bulbs coming up. In my son's village in Northants there were daffodils coming out Christmas day and this week here in Leicestershire we've had them out here. Ann

  14. Morning Christine, A beautiful card, and a fabulous giveaway, thank you for the chance.
    I feel so sorry for all the plants, I have a fuchsia in a pot at the back and it has started sprouting, I also have chrysanthemum plants in pots that I have left in the borders (to stop any scratchings from cats hahaha) and I normally pull them out in the spring as they are always dead, but even they have started having buds on them. We are supposed to be getting much colder weather this week, so I feel so sorry for all these tender plants that already think it is Spring !!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, we have got a bit of sunshine at the moment, a lovely change from yesterday when it never stopped raining.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Hello Christine,
    This is such an effective use of the dies, I like your card very much.
    Hopefully, now that the hectic season is over, I'll have time to visit you every day again. I just don't know where the past few weeks have gone, there's a time thief operating in Newcastle!!!!
    love Maureen xxx

  16. Love your card and love the dies too. Karen xxx

  17. Hi Christine
    Yes the seasons are definitely very muddle, my poor magnolia tree is still unsure whether to let go of the few remaining leaves of start flowering.
    Love your card today. I have perfect petals B which is a lovely little flower set.
    Take care

  18. Hello Christine. Love these little dies and the card is very pretty too. Like the music in the background.
    Thank you for your efficient service with the charity kit. Arrived very quickly, planning a little memory book for my baby (well she'll be 48, so quite a big one) with her babies !! Well done selling them all - and so quickly too xx

  19. Pretty set of dies! Love your card... great color combo and details! Thanks for the chance to win the dies!

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  21. Hi Christine, a lovely set of dies, so versatile I love the card you have produced using them.
    I too have daffodils and other bulbs sprouting up everywhere. Just hope if we have frost or snow it doesn't kill them all.
    Kind regards Anne Owens xx

  22. Hi Christine a lovely little set of dies will be very useful. I've got daffodils in flower as well so will have to wait and see what the weather brings us this week. Best wishes Jackie x

  23. Hi Christine
    What a pretty card. Just a few simple elements making a stunning card. Just the thing for Christmas thank you notes! There's a big roundabout in Surrey under the A3 that has a beautiful show of daffodils every spring. This year, they came int flower in mid -December ! Best wishes, Anne O

  24. Oh wow! Such a lovely card!!! Thank you for this amazing chance to win this beautiful set!

  25. It's great the way you show us how to use these dies - it looks nothing until you've cut it and assembled it into something so pretty. Thanks for doing that, now and each week. :)

  26. These look lovely dies Christine. Haven't seen those before but they make lovely flowers. Will keep my fingers crossed to win them.

  27. What a gorgeous little die set! I love how you have used it on your card. Thank you so much for the chance to win! xxx

  28. Hi Christine Thank you for the reply.
    I am looking forward to seeing all the new dies. I do watch the Craft channel.I also like the Hochanda channel too. Take care it is very cold today Kitty.

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  30. Those would be very versatile dies to own. Thanks for the chance to own them. kren dot kurts at gmail dot com

  31. Such cute petals and lovely card design.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  32. OMGosh your card is soooo cute. Thanks for sharing.
    When I first saw the dies here I immediately thought they would make cute butterflies. Fingers crossed I'm your lucky winner cause I would love to make some.
    Crafty hugs,

  33. Great card I know I've probably missed out on the draw but I just wanted to let you know how much I like this project

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  35. Beautiful Card, thanks for sharing... Love to win!!

  36. Such a lovely card! That die set is really cute.