Thursday, 28 January 2016

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

I promise you it is Thursday!
With going away I must have got confused with dates so here's Friday Die Day...
a little earlier than normal!!

This week's Friday Die Day is featuring Labels Forty Eight Decorative Accents.

The approximate measurements are:
1: 1⅝ x 1⅛” 2: 2⅜ x 2¼” 3: 3⅞ x 3⅝”

This is how it looks cut/embossed.

I've chosen to make a card, cut the largest die from foil card - it embosses
beautifully.  I also used Labels Forty Eight to cut a matching smaller shape.
The patterned paper is My Mind's Eye - Indie Chic.

My card base and matting is created with 6 x 6 Matting Basics.
Stamped thank you in the bottom corner.

Attached Labels Forty Eight Decorative Accents.

Simply added a butterfly charm to the middle to finish.

Some close up pics.

Such a pretty die set.

Take care friends - wishing you all a great weekend.


  1. Lovely, but I hope its Thursday or I slept through yesterday!!

  2. Lovely, but I hope its Thursday or I slept through yesterday!!

  3. Lovely card, I just have to remember to go to work tomorrow now!!!


  4. Hi Christine
    Have I overslept? - this has made me giggle. Hope you are not working too hard
    Pat x

  5. Lovely card, Christine,
    Looking forward to the weekend a day early, or a double Friday Die Day.
    Chris xx

  6. Hi Christine,
    Friday Die Day on Thursday,what a nice surprise,
    you must be getting ready for Frankfurt.
    This is a lovely card and a great tutorial.
    I hope you have a good time away. Take care. x.

  7. ooo you had me worried there thought i had lost a day. Lovely dies set and card Christine have a great day x xhazel

  8. Hi Christine
    You are so thoughtful and never let us down no matter how busy you are, Your card is so pretty, love the little butterfly charm ,it adds a nice touch. I don't think i have seen this die before { so many new dies coming out i cant keep up lol } .
    Have a good journey Tomorrow and enjoy Frankfurt, if you get time please take some pics.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  9. Morning Christine,
    Now I am confused, Friday die day on Thursday. Love the card. Hope the trip to Frankfurt goes well.

  10. Hello Christine
    Love this Die but I do like the Butterfly Charm!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  11. Hi Christine you have us all confused today! Pretty set of dies. Have a good trip. Best wishes Jackie x

  12. A lovely die set and gorgeous card Christine! This week it's a TDD!
    Janice x

  13. Hello Christine
    I must admitt to being a little startled when I saw your blog post title this morning but then I read on. This is a very elegant die and looks lovely as a matt for stamping. I have been looking at the pre-orders Elliott has posted this week and I love some of the new die sets especially the new label shapes. I did promise myself not to buying any new craft stuff in January or Febuary but I am very tempted.
    Take card

  14. I was confused for a second! Mind you, I am always confused - tee hee! Lovely die and a fabulous card! I really should use my dies more! xxx

  15. Gorgeous card and gorgeous dies. Karen xxx

  16. Hi, Christine,
    You really didn't startle me too much posting this a day early as I'm always forgetting what day it is lol. What a super die, I have to hang my head in shame and admit I've not seen this one before. It's well worth seeing it a day early :). You made a couple of super cards with it as well, love the silver one.
    Bejay x

  17. Hi Christine, I had to do a 'double take' when I saw the subject of your post hahaha !! A beautiful CAS card, gorgeous dies and backing paper.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  18. Hi Christine, I had to do a 'double take' when I saw the subject of your post hahaha !! A beautiful CAS card, gorgeous dies and backing paper.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  19. Hi Christine, You're not the only one that gets confused with the days, I seem to be doing a lot lately. Thanks for sharing this wonderful card, very elegant. The die looks very versatile. Janelle x

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  21. Hi Christine a lovely card today and that die is beautiful.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens xx

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  23. Oooh! I've been missing for a couple of days and just seen I have won those dies Thank you thank you thank you Email on it's way Today's dies are beautiful I love how you cut and emboss them to show us what they look like first Tge card to have made with them is so pretty and that little butterfly embellishment is perfect