Sunday 14 February 2016

Valentine's Day - Glitter Hearts!

Hello friends
Happy Valentine's Day!
Today I thought I would revisit a tutorial I did using Spellbinders dies
and Scrapbook Adhesives 3D Foam Creative Sheets...
and a fair amount of glitter!
Select a die, a card creator die is best for this technique  –
I used Botanical Swirls.
CEmberson - Glitter 2
Remove the backing sheet from a 3D Foam Creative Sheet (keep to one side)
and stick onto a piece of white card.
CEmberson - Glitter 3
On the other side, position your die template and
run through your die cutting machine to cut – no need to emboss.
CEmberson - Glitter 4
This is how it will look.
CEmberson - Glitter 5
Begin to remove certain sections of the layer sheet.
CEmberson - Glitter 6
I chose to reveal the leaves and swirls, leaving the background in place.
CEmberson - Glitter 7
Cover with glitter and then tap off the excess. 
CEmberson - Glitter 8
Using the backing sheet you put to one side,
lay over the glittered surface and burnish lightly with a bone folder.
CEmberson - Glitter 9
You can then remove the remainder of the top layer and cover with a different colour glitter.
CEmberson - Glitter 11
Again tap off the excess, burnish and your sheet is completely decorated.
CEmberson - Glitter 12
I then chose to die cut with Spellbinders Classic Hearts.
CEmberson - Glitter 13
My finished card.
CEmberson - Glitter 1
CEmberson - Glitter 15
This would work with many die designs and glitter colours.
CEmberson - Glitter 16
Enjoy your Valentine's day.
Take care friends.


  1. Hi Christine.
    Happy Valentines day. Thank you very much for the brilliant idea and lovely card. Have a great day, take care Kitty.

  2. Hi Christine
    What a great idea. Will have a play with this later.
    Thank you

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, love the card, what a great technique
    Chris xx

  4. Hi Christine
    A lovely idea making a lovely card .
    Have a lovely Valentines day .
    Elaine H X

  5. Beautiful card Christine, lovely technique xx hazel

  6. Hello Christine
    Thats beautiful, must get that down before I forget how you did it!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  7. That is so absolutly gorgeous Christine, thank you Ann

  8. Hi Christine,
    Lovely card and a great tutorial Thank you.
    I hope you have a good Valentine's Day. Take care. x.

  9. Lovely card & a great technique-love it.


  10. Thank you Christine for the idea. Very effective. Best wishes Jackie x

  11. Morning Christine,
    A very clever idea.

  12. Hi Christine what a brilliant tutorial and a wonderful idea, stunning I love it. My grandson just presented me with a card he had made for me in Church he is only four it made my day.
    Kind regards. Anne Owens xx

  13. Hi Christine, Wow !!!! this technique is absolutely fabulous, I love this !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Hi Christine, Wow !!!! this technique is absolutely fabulous, I love this !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. What a beautiful card and a great tutorial on this technique too. Fabulous male valentine design. Thanks for sharing. Jeanette xx

  16. Hi Christine
    What a gorgeous card. I love this technique. Lovely colours as well - such a refreshing change from red or pink hearts! Best wishes, Anne O

  17. Brilliant technique and I love how you haven't used the whole die cut and have cut into it again

  18. Hi Christine, WoW!! this is amazing! and the finished card is wonderful. I love the fact that you let your wonderful hearts doing all the talking with a simple sentiment. x

  19. I just like be this technique, thanks for sharing. A beautiful but simple card, it's just lovely.