Monday, 21 March 2016

Easter Birdhouse

Hello friends

As Easter approaches I thought I would share some
previous projects and this one was a real favourite,
I still receive requests for the template.
It's an Easter Birdhouse.

And this is the template, you can download and print it here.

 If you can, print directly onto your coloured cardstock -
this saves time sticking a printed copy sheet onto cardstock and cutting around.
You do also need to print one onto normal copy paper (I will explain why later).

You then decide if you would like your birdhouse to have a straight edge sides
or a curved bottom (!) this will dictate where you score. Cut out the template.
You need to cut the circle, I've used Standard Circles Small.

There is not a template for the roof, but it is very simple - cut a piece of card 
measuring 6" x 3¾", I chose to use kraft card.  
I wanted a pretty roof edge and used the scallop edge from Classic Edges One. 


 Fold the roof in half.

 From the additional print of the template on copy paper just cut out the
front section of the birdhouse.  You can then achieve the weatherboard look by cutting
strips of card and adhering across.

 You may want to ink the edges slightly - I chose white.
Keep adding layers until you've covered the front.

 This is how the reverse looks.  Once dry trim around and die cut the circle.
You will overlaying and attaching this to the front of the house.

 Returning to your template, score dotted fold lines and assemble.

 You can then pop the roof on and attach some decoration. I chose Sprigs and little flowers.

Fill with mini eggs or something equally delicious!
You could make a small hole in the roof, attach ribbon through
and have a hanging birdhouse.

Back soon, take care friends.


  1. This is a lovely project Christine.
    I hope your recovery is going well ?
    Take Care
    Elaine h X

  2. I remember this one Christine, fabulous bird box. Thank you for the reminder!
    Hope you are feeling a little better.
    Janice x

  3. Lovely project. Hope you are starting to feel better,


  4. Lovely bird house and great to go and review old projects xx hazel

  5. Hello Christine
    This is so gorgeous and cute. Perfect as a table decoration.
    Take care

  6. Morning Christine, what a lovely idea, I think I'll have a go doing this with my grandchildren. I just need to get my act together! Hope you are feeling better. Jean x

  7. Hi Christine
    I hope you are recovering nicely and was pampered over the weekend. I remember the bird house, and will definitely have a go this time round, thank you for sharing the template.
    Chris xx

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    1. Hi Christine a lovely birdhouse, thank you for your inspiration. Hope you are feeling a bit better.
      Kind regards Anne Owens xx

  9. Hi Christine,
    Lovely little bird house,just right for Easter.
    Look after yourself. x

  10. Hi Christine, This birdhouse is fabulous, thank you for the template.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. What a lovely project When I'm next on laptop I will definitely download the template Hope you're well and truly on the mend now

  12. This is lovely. Thank you for the template. Hope you are feeling better.