Thursday 21 April 2016

Bendy Plates?

Hello friends

Do you suffer from bendy plates!?
(Only those who die cut will understand, if you've stumbled across this blog
you may wonder what on earth I'm talking about!)

Well if you do... hopefully a useful tip today.

I've noticed over time my plates for the Platinum have worn and begin to bend,
this can be minimised by keep turning them but it cannot be put off forever.
This is a set of plates that are just beginning to curve.

Select a shallow heat proof dish (this is my lasagne dish).
Place the plates in the bottom and cover with boiling water from the kettle.
Be careful - no scorched fingers please!

You need to weight them so something fairly heavy. bottles were to hand in my house!
But tins or a house brick would also work.
Leave until the water cools, say 30 minutes or more.

Dry and inspect.
The plates are definitely flatter and also it gives them a good clean,
a lot of the trapped card pieces were left in the water.

Now I cannot guarantee this will ensure eternal life of your plates
but it certainly helps to flatten them!

Take care friends and please stop by tomorrow for FDD.


  1. Great tip might give this a try with my GC plates xx hazel

  2. Thanks for the top tip, I haven't been brave enough to use the clear plates yet!

    Any dates for the electric motor being released for the Platinum machine yet???


  3. Hi Christine
    Great tip ! Looking forward to FDD .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  4. Looks good will certainly give it a try

  5. Hello Christine
    Will use this on my GC plates... not progressed yet!
    Love Marg

  6. Great idea. I will definitely be trying this for my ebosser and cuttlebug plates.x

  7. Morning Christine,
    A great tip will be trying this with my Big Shot Plus plates.

  8. Excellent tip, thank you very much x Also thank you for the very quick delivery on the charity kit x

  9. Hi Christine, This is a brilliant idea !! I will be trying this. I tend to turn my plates as often as I remember, but also when I put my machine away, I stack all my plates on top of each other, fold up my Platinum and stand on top, this tends to help do the trick, although your idea also cleans them, a definite one to try, thank you.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Hi Christine,
    My Joy machine doesn't have the clear plates and I've not used my cut n boss enough to get bendy yet. I'm thinking of getting a big shot though so no doubt I'll need this lol. I've seen the plate straightened by holding them under a running hot tap. Not only can you end up with burnt fingers that way but, if you're on a water meter, it could end up a bit expensive, so your way is just great and a lot safer. I'm laughing at your use of wine you really have full ones lol. I don't drink so |I'm going to try it with baked beans...still in their tins of course :).
    Bejay x

  11. Good idea, but don't think I have a dish big enough for the Big Shot Plus plates but will try the cuttlebug ones. Thank you.

  12. Great tip Christine especially if it helps to remove the slivers of paper that are so hard to remove.
    Margaret M

  13. Thank you so much Christine a great tip. I shall try it today. Have fun Kitty.