Sunday 12 March 2017

A Gifty Box Today!

Hello friends

Today I'm sharing with you a gifty box!
This is in fact a recycled chocolate truffle box from Marks and Spencer.
After Christmas they had reduced them down to a silly price so
I had to buy a couple..or more, had nothing to do with the truffles inside...!

Although Christmas red I discovered this Anna Griffin paper toned
well so cut a strip for the lid.
My die cuts are from the Sapphire Plus collection
and yes it is the return of the mini poinsettia! 

Something very satisfying about recycling boxes, giving them a new
lease of life and even better when you pop the chocolates inside.

Yesterday's card featured the silver pearls, my pack came from
Want 2 Scrap but I understand they are also available 
from eBay and most probably Amazon.

And finally here he is. I would like to introduce you to Stanley.
He has a slightly wonky head, nose and ear
but I've decided that has given him character!


He was quite fiddly to make as he only stands 18cm/7.5 inches tall.
Far smaller than Woodward I made some years ago.

Please look out for Stanley, he has a special role to play
in some craft videos!

Take care friends, have a lovely Sunday.


  1. Hi Christine,
    Ahhh Stanley is so sweet, he's a gorgorgeous little bear, so is Woodward too.
    A lovely recycled box, some packaging is just too nice to throw away, probably costs more to manufacture that the goodies inside.
    Chris xx

  2. Gorgoeus gift box Christine. Im in love with Stanley, looking forward to seeing him in future craft photos videos etc. Have a great weekend xx hazel

  3. Beautifully decorated box-I can see why you "had" to buy more!

    Stanley looks lovely, looking forward to seeing him in the videos.


  4. Morning Christine,
    Love what you have done with the box.
    Stanley is cute too.

  5. Hello Christine
    Lovely papers from Anna makes it such a useful box!
    Nice to see Stanley with a face too!
    Love Marg

  6. Lovely box Christine, " Hello Stanly what a handsome fellow you are " xxx
    Elaine H X

  7. Hi Christine

    Gorgeous box like you I do love to recycle boxes all the family keep them for me

    to trim up. Mind you never any chocolate in them :-)

    Stanley is just gorgeous he is so cute and Woodward well he looks charming what

    a handsome chappie.

    Hugs Annxx

  8. Stanley is so full of character and is so adorable. Your re-cycled box is gorgeous and of course the chocolates are still inside!!! I used a poinsettia die this week in green to get more use out of it..didn't think it would work as a generic flower but it did x

  9. Hi Christine, I'm loving your recycled box for choccies, what a great idea.
    Stanley is adorable, and complements Woodward perfectly, I can understand that smaller means more fiddly and it's not filling me with enthusiasm as I am going to try and make a bear - a 'small' bear !!!! haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Love your idea fir recycling the box. Thank you. Love your bears.

  11. Hi Christine. Stanley has such a characterful face just like his friend Woodward. Well done.
    Your recycled box is very pretty and is ideal for any gift not just chocolates. Xx