Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday Die Day

Hello friends
This week's Friday Die Day is Brilliant Butterfly.
A Die D-Lite by Spellbinders and it's a butterfly so what's not to love!
It is a two piece die set - the butterfly and a flourish.
The approximate measurements are:
Butterfly: 2.20 x 1.55 inFlourish: 2.05 x 1.20 in
This week instead of a step by step tutorial on my blog I've done
a Friday Die Day video....yes finally!
It is a simple card showing a couple of techniques.
I hope you enjoy it, this should be the start of many videos.
Huge thanks to Elliott who does all the editing, I will have to learn
all the techy stuff at some point as he is abandoning me
in a few months for Uni!
Some pics of the finished project.


Brilliant Butterfly is available on the website here at a real bargain price!

Take care friends and wishing you all a sunny weekend.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

May Charity Kit Winner - Is it you?

Hello friends

Today announcing the winning ticket from May's Charity Kit.
I loved putting this kit together, such pretty die cuts and 
the bird is rather plump and cute!
Also this kit definitely showed the benefits of printing your sentiments...
I did a lot of printing that day!

Now to the important bit, please rummage in your kit bags and see if you have
this number....

If you do then firstly congratulations! 
Next please drop me an email
don't forget to include your address and a bag of crafty goodies will
be sent straight out to you. 

If you missed this kit or would like to create another one
there's some available on the website here.
(Prices are adjusted as postage and packing is applied at checkout).
Also feel free to check out previous card kits here,
all proceeds still go to charity.

Take care friends - city job for me today (groan!)

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Simply Me

Hello friends
Today I'm revisiting Simply Me.
This is a really pretty stamp and die set designed by
Debi Adams for Spellbinders.

This is how the dies look cut/embossed.

For my card I've selected Standard Circles LG and
Classics Scalloped Circles LG.
Die cutting with the scalloped first and then inserting the standard to create
the scalloped ring.

The elements for my card.

Using A2 Mating Basics for my base and layering.

Positioning the scalloped circle.

Adding the tag cut from textured kraft card and stamped circle.

Finishing touches the foliage, flowers and berries.

This die set is available to buy both new and pre-loved
on the website here.
Take care friends - I'm back tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tuesday Treat Winner and top model!

Hello friends

Thank you for your wonderful comments yesterday,
they mean a great deal to us all.

As promised, crafty stuff resuming today
and announcing the winner of last week's 
Tuesday treat.

The treats are :
a combination of pair of wings and a double embossed heart.
This die works so well with foil card.

AND a copy of Paperhearts and Summer Kisses.

Delighted to announce the winner is...

Christine Collins

Congratulations Christine, please drop me an email 
and your goodies will be sent straight out to you.

I've been busy in my cabin making up some projects
that will be shown on Create and Craft next month.
I've made some very glittery flowers (tutorial coming up very soon)
and decided I had the best model for them...

She is off to the groomers soon as her fur has grown way too unruly! 

Take care friends and please stop by tomorrow.

Monday, 22 May 2017

4 years on...

Hello friends

A non-crafty post today about my boy...
Yesterday was 4 years since Elliott's brain surgery and 
I wanted to write a post to mark that, a diary entry if you like.

I would like to say it has gone quickly but truthfully it feels longer and Elliott agrees.
It is difficult to remember a time when there was no 
injections, scans, medication and appointments but given a choice
there is no contest...

His tumour is still there but dormant, I often talk to it and tell it to stay that way!
I've mentioned before we are a family with rather a dark sense of humour
but without it I think we would have drowned.

The photo above is the night before his surgery in 2013
 and he wore his favourite t-shirt.
That's now become a bit of a tradition...



This year so far marks two special events:
The publication of Paperhearts and Summer Kisses.

Discussing 'our story' meant revisiting a difficult time but 
chatting to Carole was a cathartic process.  
Carole captured the close relationship I have with Elliott, that was
very important to me.  Following publication I had people
question whether that is true, surely no teenage boy would behave like that?
Well, you don't know my Elliott :)

My family asked why a lot of the medical details were not included 
but that would have made it exceptionally heavy reading.
Those who have been following my blog for all these years may
recall the radiotherapy trauma, sitting every evening at home with 
Elliott next to me wearing a huge blue mask to try to become accustomed to it!
That mask is still in his room - he does not want to part with it...
And him laying in a cardboard box for hours on end to try to come
to terms with MRI scans - those felt like long days for us all.

Another special event ...
Elliott being accepted at Greenwich University.

At the point of Elliott's surgery he had just sat his GCSE's.
The surgeon told me that he could not imagine how anyone could get through 
them knowing what was about to happen. 
Not only did he pass but he applied for college to study further
and has now been accepted at Greenwich University.
Since diagnosis he took just one year out for being unwell.

So here he is today over 6 feet tall, towers over every other family member.

The 'Blink 182' t-shirt really is too small for him now but we cannot part with it.
He still has to take a cocktail of meds every day, still has scans, blood tests,
injections, eye tests but never complains. 
Honestly - I don't know how he does it but I couldn't love my boy more.

Crafty stuff resumes tomorrow :)

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A little follow up to printing sentiments

Hello friends

Such a lovely response to my printing sentiments post earlier 
this week.  I did receive a few more questions and I've answered
those within the comments.  I also thought it would be useful to share them today.

Please could you tell which size of font you use and 
how you space your sentiments so it allows space for the dies?

I normally use font size 14 or 16 depending on which design I select. 
 Print onto normal copy paper first to get an idea of how well it will work when
positioning your die. 

When typing leave at least 3-4 lines between each row of sentiment 
so there's enough room to die cut each sentiment individually.
After a while you become used to what size works.
Do you have to type the whole page for the sentiments, or is there a repeat button? 

If you type one sentiment and then 'copy and paste' to duplicate. 
You can do this by highlighting the sentiment with your mouse
(hold down left click button), once highlighted
right click to 'copy'.  Position your mouse for the next sentiment
 and then right click again to 'paste'.
Another option is to highlight the sentiment and press Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V. 

Another tip - making the most of your paper by using columns.
If you are using 'Word' click on 'Page Layout'.
On the top bar is a 'Columns' button - click and select two columns.
This automatically gives your document two areas to type sentiments.

If you click on the screen shot image below you should be able to see it larger.
It shows Bell MT as the font and size 14.  Two columns of 'Happy Birthday'
which are centered - another tip is to centre your sentiments for more 
die cutting space.  Highlight your entire typed page by pressing Ctrl + A 
and then click on 'centre' button - see arrow.

Hopefully today's post will assist further with printing sentiments,
please do not hesitate to ask any further questions, more than happy to help.

And now something NEW to make life very easy if you do not have a printer
or would rather not type your own sentiments.
There is the option to buy sheets of sentiments on the website here.
All printed on linen ivory and white cardstock, assorted wording and fonts,
printed to be ready to be die cut,
there's Anniversary/Congratulations, Birthday and Thank You.

even easier, there is now available packs of printed
and die cut sentiments here - 28 in total, a combination of white and ivory,
all in a handy wallet and ready to pop straight onto your projects!
Again a choice of Thank You, Congratulations/Anniversary and Birthday.
All the details are here.

Take care friends - enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Heat Embossing and E-Z Squares

Hello friends

Yesterday on the Scrapbook Adhesives blog I posted a tag tutorial.
I used E-Z Squares with embossing powder to create a background.
It's so easy to do!
I've posted all the steps so please feel free to hop over and take a look.
All the details are here

It works so well with E-Z Squares, here's a project I did some years ago
using the same technique.

E-Z Squares is available on the website here - remember all the dispensers
are interchangeable and it is fab adhesive.

I hope your week went well, please stop by tomorrow as I've got
a little follow up to my printing sentiments post.

Take care friends - have a great Saturday.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

This week's Friday Die Day features Bag 'n Tag It.
A die designed by Debi Adams for Spellbinders.
A three piece die set and the approximate measurements are:

Bag: 3.45 x 3.90 in.
Circle Clip: 1.25 x 1.80 in.
Rectangular Clip: 1.00 x 2.00 in

This is how it looks cut/embossed.

To create your bag you need to cut two from the largest die.

Affix them side by side as pictured.

Fold along the embossed crease lines.

Secure the base by folding in the flaps.

I also cut a strip of card from matching kraft as a handle for your bag.

I also like the option of securing the bag closed with a peg.
I stamped the circle tag/clip with 'Thank You' from Altenew Stamps.

A decoration for the front of the bag - Flower Play dies with twine loops.

The finished bag.
Assembled size is approximately 3 inches x 2.5 inches, width 0.5 inches.

Bags and boxes always appeal to me and I love this one too.
I'm going to be a real dilemma when making table favours 
although I love this bag for gift cards.

Bag 'n Tag It is available on the website here.
Take care friends and have a wonderful weekend,
hopefully no more rain!