Saturday 21 November 2015

Cute or Mean? You decide...

Hello friends

Firstly - HUGE thanks for all the lovely Birthday wishes
and also to those of you who sent cards - so kind and
I'm always so touched when people I've met through blogland
are so thoughtful.

I had a wonderful day - perhaps a little too much food(!)
but that's what Birthdays are all foodie stop Christmas!

Chocolate wrappers - I think possibly one of my signature design pieces,
I've certainly been doing them for quite a few years now
but this is my first time embarking on mini (and I mean mini!)
chocolate wrappers.

I was lucky to receive this treat box of Green and Black's 
chocolate bars and before I scoffed the lot I thought I would
make wrappers.
They would definitely work well on the Christmas table,
treats for work pals, even pop in the post.
The box looks a little mangled - it was my frenzied panic to get
to the chocolate!

The bars measure just a little more than an inch across so I needed a small design.  
Red cardstock, Graphic 45 - Travelogue papers, Classic Scalloped Hearts,
the little leaves are from Marisa's Bouquet and...

 the super popular mini poinsettias from 5 x 7 Holly Frame.
(Appreciate that is out of stock but due in soon hopefully,
it's been a tricky die to get hold of as it's been so popular - 
I think I may have had a hand in that!)

So is this size cute or is it mean?
My family may be hoping for larger chocolate bars
but I'm thinking this is probably enough after a huge Christmas lunch,
pudding and mince pies?
Goodness I'm obssesed with food in this post!

Today I'm demoing Spellbinders at Crafts Plus in Basildon,
be lovely to see you if you live local to there.

Take care friends - I'm back soon.


  1. Thank you Christine, a lovely Idea.
    Take care and have fun, at the moment it is snowing quite heavily here.
    Safe driving Kitty.

    1. I'm having to comment as a reply to another comment IYSWIM as the comments box seems to have vanished! Antway, I absolutely adore these and I think they would be the perfect size to finish the festive feast with - if anyone can bear to unwrap them!

  2. The wrappers look fantastic, not sure if I could be that patient making them.


  3. Lovely chocolate wrappers Christine, enjoy your demo day x xhazel

  4. Hi Christine .
    My charity kit has arrived safely and has made up beautifully, I can even envision the present it will contain . Only one problem, I liked the idea before of the mini poinsettia as I am already a big fan of the larger flower and use it a lot. Having seen the tiny ones I NOW HAVE TO HAVE THEM and am spending every moment trawling the Web trying to find them - food, housework, sleeping have all become unnecessary evils. Hope to find them soon as your mini chocolate bars are an amazing idea.
    Love and hugs

  5. These look great Christine and will really add that je ne sais. your table. Hope you have a good day, safe travels, best wishes Jackie x

  6. Hi Christine,
    These chocolate wrappers are really great,so pretty.
    I hope you have a good day ,the weather isn't very nice,so I wish you a safe journey.
    Take care. x.

  7. Hi Christine, lovely little wrappers so pretty. love Jean Z xxx

  8. Morning Christine,
    Glad you had a good birthday. Love your little wrappers, so cute. Take care, awful weather to be out and about.

  9. Good Morning Christine
    Glad you enjoyed the day and had lots to eat!
    Pretty wrappers too!
    Safe travels today!
    Sunshine in Bristol!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  10. Hi Christine,
    So glad you had a nice Birthday, and love the mini chocolate wrapper especially with my favourite poinsettia's featuring on them. I think they are a lovely idea for the Christmas table.
    Chris xx

  11. Hi Christine
    Glad you had a lovely birthday. I think the chocolate bars are CUTE and perfect for an after dinner choccie! I've also received my charity kit and, like an earlier blogger adore these tine poinsettias. Need to get them!
    Best wishes, Anne O

  12. Glad you enjoyed your birthday Christine. Mine come round all too quickly these days !!
    Love the mini chocolate wrappers. Must try to fit that in for the Christmas dinner table.
    Have a good weekend and a safe journey

  13. Hello Christine
    Oh these are so cute and a perfect way to end Christmas lunch. Or they would make a wonderful Christmas present too for a very lucky person.
    Enjoy your day today. Safe journey

  14. Glad you had a fab day Christine, your little chocolate Wrappers are just lovely .
    Elaine H X

  15. Hi Christine, So glad you had a good Birthday. I'm loving these mini's they are so so cutesy, and your wraps are fabulous. I remember receiving a box of these choccies a couple of years ago, and they are a gorgeous selection.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  16. Definitely cute! I am so glad you had a lovely birthday - many (belated) happy returns from me! xxx

  17. Wow these are so cute and gorgeous. It was you that got me into chocolate bar wrappers. Amazing x