Wednesday 24 February 2016


Hello friends

Back home from Stitches and sharing some more photos with you today.

Really enjoyed this show, it was lovely to catch up with friends,
retailers and meet new people too,

Lots of interest in the new Art Deco dies designed by Stacey Caron,
the Platinum machine and...

the rather lovely Bag of Tricks.
I use one of these and I can fit so much inside and it's really sturdy,
mine travelled across numerous car parks, moving walkways,
in and out of my car dozens of times and still looks brand new.

This year the show was definitely more focused on knitting and fabrics.

Some gorgeous kits and projects, I would love to have a go at these...
in my spare time! 

Take care friends, I'm back again soon.


  1. Hello again Christine,
    2 posts today, you are spoiling us. The stand looks fantastic.
    Chris xx

  2. Morning Christine,
    The show looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

  3. The NEC shows always look so tempting, probably a good thing I never manage to get to any of them, Is that one just a Trade Show? Jean x

    1. Hi Jean, yes this one is a trade show but the Hobbycrafts Show at the NEC next month is open to the public xx

  4. Thanks for photos, lovely to see the show. X

  5. Good morning Christine, certainly looks like you and Elliott had a good time at the show. Be interesting to see all the new products over the coming weeks, best wishes Jackie x

  6. Morning Christine, Lovely piccies, so glad you enjoyed yourselves.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Glad you had a good time Christine the Bag of Tricks looks interesting!

  8. lovely pictures and some fantastic new products available ,[Don't know where you geat spare times with everything ]Looks like you both had a great time .Laura O

  9. Hi Christine,
    Your photos are great,thank you for sharing them with us,
    I would love to look to everything .
    Really pleased you enjoyed yourself. Take care. x.

  10. Looks lovely there Christine, bet you are glad to be home.
    Kind regards Anne Owens xx

  11. Fab pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous time! Love the bag! xxx

  12. Thanks for sharing the pics! The Spellbinders booth looks fabulous!
    Awesome bag you got, and I love that cute knitted fox I spy! Love to look at the knitting and fabrics too, even though I don't know how to knit or sew!

  13. Lovely photos and love the bag too x xhazel

  14. Hi Christine,
    Now don't go buying anymore knitting kits, I think you have a rather large Week by week project to finish first!!
    I LOVE that bag by the way, my Platinum would fit in it a treat, I m loving it buy the way,I tried the Big Shot Plus but it broke embossing folders and a die, so I upgraded to a Platinum (which I should have bought in the first place) !!
    Glad you had a good time,
    Sandra xxx