Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Only Way Is Up! And mini drama!

Hello friends

Pleased to report decorating ensued!
I do like the end result of home decorating but hate the process.
No amount of preparation, dust sheets seems to stop paint etc ending up everywhere.
Anyway, job done and I'm not intending to pick up a roller for quite some time.

We did have a mini drama - after dismantling a wardrobe and carrying outside
we didn't anticipate the front door slamming and locking us outside.
Can I just recommend a few things here - if you're locked out the
decorating clothes is not ideal - mine consisted of one of Mitchell's old
jumpers (covered in paint), very old joggers (covered in paint) and
fluffy slippers!  Not a great look when standing outside gazing at your home
and wondering what to do!  Also Bella was locked inside.
Thankfully a young man came to our rescue, he works in the little repair 
garage in my road and he was able to climb through my conservatory window -
a window that is SMALL and I use it to vent my tumble dryer!
Bear that in mind everyone ...he was in my home within minutes so I'm not
leaving that window open again! 

Decided my neighbour needs to keep a spare key - we live and learn!

So ... today's card is featuring Geo Pyramid.
I've kept the design very simple with matting and inserting
some patterned paper and a gold arrow (Die D-Lite Ornate Arrows).
The sentiment is typed, printed and die cut.

Geo dies available at the moment from Create and Craft.

My Pinterest button is back, received a few messages to say
it had disappeared again.  I ventured to correct this on my own,
entered the confusing world of HTML codes, 
messed everything up and then cried "Elliott!"  
For a short time the blog was going to have a new template/makeover but
all sorted now.  Phew! 
So if you hover over an image you should be able to pin it to your Pinterest board.

Simple things often have a way of becoming very complicated.
Best I stick to cardmaking.

Take care friends and look out for the charity kit this week,
Mum has been die cutting! 


  1. Hi Christine
    Haha, so glad you had a knight in shining armour to help you back into your house, it does take something like that to make us rethink about our security. Would love to see pictures of Elliott's finished bedroom, I bet you've done a great job.
    Chris xx

  2. Lovely card. Glad you were able to get back into the house-definitely need to leave spare keys with your neighbours.


  3. Morning Christine,
    What a nightmare fo you, good job you got some help.
    Great card.

  4. Hello Christine
    So glad you have finally done the decorating!
    Makes you think about leaving windows open doesn't it!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  5. Glad to hear you got the decorating done. Shame you got locked out. I'm painting the stairs today. Great card for males. Have a good day xx hazel

  6. After the "excitement" glad you got the decorating finished. I have the opposite problem in that I have to remember to lock my door when I come in otherwise anyone could walk in. Still can't decide about these geo dies but I like the simplicity of your card. Best wishes Jackie x

  7. Hi Christine, Whoah !! what a day you have had !! so glad Elliott's room is now decorated albeit with the 'lock-out' scenario, that will stick in your head's for a long time !! Quite scary that someone was able to get in through your small conservatory window in such a short amount of time. Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Lovely card and I am so glad your drama was sorted and lessons learned! xxx