Monday 19 December 2016

Graceful Fans

Hello friends

Today's card features Becca's border dies - Graceful Fans.
It really is a clean and simple card.
Using the scallop border and inset die to create the right hand edge 
of my card and then adding four mini poinsettias
and tiny leaves.

Mini gemstones to the middle of my flowers and
a stamped sentiment - job done!

Becca's border dies are available at Create and Craft,
they are stunning designs and when teamed with the Frame Maker - perfect!

I have made my Christmas cake...finally!
It's not going to have much time to be 'alcohol-ed' before the big day 
so I've decided that the only answer is to have a large drink
each time I eat a slice of cake!   Logical.

There's only one outstanding stocking to fill and that's Bella's,
it is hidden away right now but she's suspicious.
There was one parcel under the tree for her and she spent evenings
staring at it so had to relent!  

Today is a trip to Lakeside Ikea...hoping it will be less quiet on
a Monday.  My eldest son is back to stay for a while, I had emptied his room
so now we need to re-furnish it!  
I had thought once your kids left home they couldn't come back...
silly me!  Love him really.

Take care friends and here's to the countdown...


  1. Hi Christine.
    A lovely card Thank you.
    Good luck with the shopping. Christine I found I see more of the children now they have left home than when they were living at home lol, now they bring their children and their children. grand and great grand children. You have that to come. Take care and have fun Kitty.

  2. Gorgoeus card, cant get any clean and simple than that. Bless Bella, lovely photo. Have fun at ikea xx hazel

  3. Hi Christine, my four lads have all left home but they come back and bring a whole loads of friends with them !My youngest son Tom is home on the 24th from South Africa, he's been there 4 1/2 years but is home this year for good. What a lovely present that is ! xxx

  4. Beautiful card, so pretty. Bella looks so cute sat watching the presents!


  5. Morning Christine, A lovely CAS card. I'm loving the piccie with Bella staring at all the pressies, she is so cute, I hope the kitties are leaving your tree alone haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Lovely clean and crisp card . i love it !
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  7. Hello Christine
    Pretty card with Becca's Die!
    Have a nice time at Ikea won't you!
    Love Bella waiting for the present lol
    Love Marg

  8. Hi Christine,
    Love your card today.
    Great photo of Bella.
    I hope you have a good day shopping
    Take care. x.

  9. Morning Christine,
    A pretty CAS card. Love the photo of Bella, reminds me so much of one of our dogs, (long gone to doggy heaven) she found her present which was in a big pile opened it and enjoyed the contents.
    Enjoy your shopping with Mitchell.

  10. Hi Christine

    Beautiful card so clean and crisp I have just purchased this Becca Die so I am

    going to have a play making some Birthday cards as lots of them needed for

    January and February Thankyou for the inspiration. I do love the picture of

    Bella she is so cute isn't she a good girl not trying to open her parcel.

    Hope you had a good shopping trip to Ikea.

    Luv n hugs Annxx

  11. Gorgeous card. Hope IKEA was quiet xxx

  12. Oh gosh, I'm catching up and see another lovely card! You make that fans border sing!