Wednesday 14 December 2016

Victorian Sapphire and Silver

Hello friends

Hoping you have caught some of my shows on Create and Craft,
they haven't quite stuck to schedule so apologies if you tuned in 
and I wasn't there!   Live TV is always subject to change.

I'm quite settled in my hotel room, bought a mini poinsettia (a real one)
to make it a little more festive, didn't feel I could quite stretch to a full tree!

I'm featuring one of my demo cards today using the Victorian Sapphire dies,
I adore this tag design, I've die cut two and crossed them.  
Adding a circular sentiment to the middle is a nice finishing touch.

The dies are available to purchase individually although limited stock
or a variety of bundles.  The Sapphire machine is a great price if you 
are a club member so good to take a look at that.

I'll be sure to share some further demo projects with you,
not just cards - I'm hoping I get to show you a special jar I'm preparing 
with lights inside.  Anyone know where I can buy extra hours in the day? 

Take care friends and hope you are having a great week.


  1. Gorgeous card and loving the shows. I did notice they had changed the schedule, sat down ready to watch a recording and its wasnt you. Unfortunately we cant buy time xx hazel

  2. Lovely card-the circular sentiment is perfect.


  3. Beautiful card Christine, cant help with the extra hours ,sorry .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  4. Morning Christine, This card is gorgeous !! If you find somewhere to buy extra hours, let me know, I will definitely be up for it too.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Hi Christine
    I'm watching you and Andy as I type, you are decorating the little gift bag. When you find the extra hours to buy, please let me know, because I could do with a few too. Off to enjoy the rest of the show.
    Chris xx

  6. Hello Christine
    Every time I sit to watch it was Parchment, have a go today fingers crossed.
    Love the little card
    Love Marg

  7. Morning Christine,
    Did not mnanage to watch any of the show yesterday, just too busy.
    Love the card.

  8. Look great Christine and would love to see your jar demo but unfortunately not time at the moment - husband in hospital and Christmas is coming !!

  9. Hi, Christine,
    What a lovely card! I love the tag. Sadly I've not been able to buy any this time as I splurge on a couple of Christmas gifts...for myself. A new coffee machine and a MISTI. I already had the mini but decided I needed the bigger one, or should I have said wanted rather than needed lol
    I love the way the schedules get changed, many's the time I've sat down to enjoy a recording only to find it is a completely different show. I'm sure they did it to catch us out! Love the mini poinsettia, I bought one once and it did better than the full sized one, I think I may be lucky and have an or hidden in bloom for Christmas, both plants have buds but one is getting night email and juicy.
    Bejay xx

  10. well done your shows were great ,Laura O

  11. Hi Christine

    Lovely card today

    I have recorded shows and watched live when I can your shows are great really

    enjoying them the one with Andy Love this am was good he is a character.

    Loving the poinsettia I got one of those they are so cute.

    Luv n hugs Annxxx

  12. Hi Christine,

    I love your card ideas they are so inspirational! I work full time so don't really get time to watch the shows. Glad to see you're staying at one of our hotels.