Sunday, 14 May 2017

Let's talk about printing sentiments...

Hello friends

Today's post is hopefully going to answer a lot of messages I've received
asking how do I print my sentiments, what printer do I use, cardstock gsm etc?

I first opted to print sentiments when I realised I was a bad stamper!
I think I've improved a little with stamping but I tend to go
back to printing again and again.
My second reason was that I could print the exact wording I needed.
For example, the card above 'Wishing you a magical birthday'
I just did not have a stamp that said that.


I've found Hewlett Packard printers work very well.
Important definitely select a printer that loads paper from the top.

At home I use a HP Deskjet 1000 - it is an old model so I occasionally
tap wood to ensure it lasts longer! 

In the cabin I use a HP Inkjet All In One printer,
this prints, scans and copies so very useful.

Each of these printers take the same cartridges, black and tri-colour.
I admit printer cartridges are not cheap and I do spend on average
£20 a month but I do a lot of printing, orders, kit instructions and more.


99% of the time I use Papermill card which is 255gsm.
Card with texture (linen/hammered) prints very well as I believe
the printer rollers can grip this more than smooth card.
What definitely does not work is pearlised card - believe me I've tried!
The texture is far too slippery and just will not feed 
(unless I manually push it into the printer...not really advisable!)


Again, most of the time I go back to my favourite fonts, these are -
Bell MT, Georgia, Engravers MT, Monterey BT and occasionally
good ol' Times New Roman.
I set up my document in 'Word' but if you haven't got Microsoft Office
it is fine to use WordPad too.  I type my wording and then apply
the font that I feel works well with the card design.
I type a full sheet of sentiments allowing enough gap between
to die cut.  This means I always have some spare, I keep them in a wallet.

The die I use is from A2 Matting Basics B,
the smallest narrow rectangular one.
We are hoping to get further stock of this die set soon :) 

So I think that sums up my sentiment strategy.
Hope it helps those who would like to print.

Take care friends - I'm back in my cabin today and most definitely
printing sentiments! 


  1. Morning Christine and boys.
    Thank you for sharing. Take care and have fun Kitty.

  2. Morning Christine and boys.
    Thank you for sharing. Take care and have fun Kitty.

  3. Hi Christine.
    Thanks for sharing this useful information with us.I too don't always have the right words on a stamp for my cards. So this is just great.
    Thanks Jan.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Hi Christine
    I often print my sentiments too, and as you say, you can use your own wording and fonts. I've been decorating this week but today I'm having a break and I'm going to assemble my Charity Kit.
    Have a nice day
    Chris xx

  5. Beautiful card Christine and lovely tutorial on printing sentiments. I too print alot of my own sentiments, as you can write what you like and make the size to fit the card, which is so much more versatile than stamping. Have a great day x xhazel

  6. Lovely card & thanks for the information. I too am not great at Stamping so I tend to print a lot of my sentiments.


  7. Hello Christine
    Thanks for tips this Die set!
    I use and Epson stylus D88 fingers crossed it keep working!
    Love Marg

  8. Morning Christine,
    I too print a lot of my sentiments as I like to put names on them, I have trouble printing on card, my printer will only take about 160gsm.
    This die set is so pretty.

  9. Hi Christine
    I am in awe of you and all the above who print , because i have not got a clue even with your great tutorial lol , oh well back to my stamp messages .
    Lovely card by the way and a lovely subtle background.
    Elaine H X

  10. Hi Christine, thank you for sharing information on the basics it is really helpful especially the font information. I have the spellbinders matting layering dies, please could you tell which size of font you use with the dies and how you space your sentiments - I mean so it allows space for the dies? I usually use stamps but I would love to try printing sentiments out. Love the cards you are an inspiration. Wishing you a lovely week ahead. Bev S

    1. Good questions :) - font size, normally 14 or 16 depending on which font design I'm using. I often print onto normal paper first to get an idea of how well it will work with the die. When typing leave at least 3-4 lines between each row of sentiment so that there's enough room to position die. Hope that helps.

  11. Thank you! That's all really helpful! I think I will start printing sentiments when it's one I haven't got. xxx

  12. Very helpful information Christine. On occasion I have printed sentiments and like you test first on regular pc paper. Your information on fonts, sizes and using the A2 Matting Basics Bis tremendously helpful. I never thought of using the dies for sentiments. Usually I'm looking for some fancy die or tage to cut out the sentiment after I have prited a sheet! Thanks very much! You've just saved me hours of searching for that "perfect" die!
    Have a great week and Happy Mother's Day yes I live in the U.S.)! ;>)

  13. Great cards and fab printing tips x

  14. evening Christine. Thanks for the information for printing sentiments. This will be very helpful as I have started to do my greetings this way. I don't have the A2 basics die but just cut mine in a banner shape. Xx

  15. Thank you for the printing tips Christine, do you have to type the whole page for the sentiments, or is there a repeat button. I will definitely be trying this the sentiments look beautiful. Love Anne Owens xx

    1. If you type one sentiment and then 'copy and paste' to duplicate. You can do that by either highlighting with your mouse, right click to 'copy' and then right click again to 'paste' or highlight the sentiment and press Ctrl C and then Ctrl V :)

  16. Thank you for sharing your tips. I print out my sentiments but usually try the same sentiment on the page but in different fonts. I never thought to use the die.....Looks like wobbly lines are a thing of the past!!! Thanks again.

  17. Thank you for sharing your tips. I print out my sentiments but usually try the same sentiment on the page but in different fonts. I never thought to use the die.....Looks like wobbly lines are a thing of the past!!! Thanks again.

  18. Thank you for sharing these tips with us. Sorry I am late commenting. Been away and the Internet was virtually nil.

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