Wednesday 3 May 2017

My Special Mum and Dad

Hello friends

Today's project features a card I made for my Mum and Dad's
Wedding Anniversary.  I used a laminating pouch from 
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L for the photo and I
placed this in the card aperture window.
I've done a full tutorial over on the Scrapbook Adhesive's blog here
if you fancy popping along to take a look :) 
The laminating pouches are pretty nifty.

I love this photo, my parents are in their teens so 1950's and my Dad is sporting
a hand knitted cardi by my Great Aunt Sally. 
My parents have wonderful stories of their growing up,
meeting, dating and I want to write those down soon
and feature them on my Desk Adventures blog - link on sidebar.

The die cut embellishment is Swallow and Heart although the silver bird
isn't a swallow - it is in fact from Draping Vines Elements.
Both available on the website - just click on the names.

Take care friends, is it really Wednesday today?
Surely it can't be city job already tomorrow...


  1. Hi Christine
    A beautiful card and photo of your Mum & Dad. What treasured memories.
    Chris x

  2. Lovely card & great to use a photo on it.


  3. Gorgeous photo and scrapbook page Christine. xx hazel

  4. Those were the good days Christine , i too am writing everything down our heritage is very important .
    Lovely page.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  5. Morning Christine,
    What a lovely card for your Mum & Dad,treasured memories.

  6. Hello Christine
    Lovely to have these photos of your Mum and Dad!
    I have to admit I have never looked at " Desk Adventures" but I will now!
    Love Marg

  7. Lovely card Christine. I was also in my teens in the 50's - great days, so I can relate to that. I'm doing a family history scrap book and have found out some interesting things about my ancestors - well worth the effort.

  8. A beautiful card Christine.
    Love Anne Owens x

  9. Beautiful card Christine. Lovely photo of your Mum and Dad. I am sure the will love the card. Thank you for sharing.

  10. What a beautiful card and keepsake! Lovely idea to use the lovely photo - I am off to see how the laminating pouch works on scrapbook adhesives blog. xxx

  11. What a lovely card Christine your parents will love it.
    Don't delay taking down those stories of their lives. Our son recorded his fathers memories and his favorite story of how he and I met was played at the celebration of his life when he passed away last month.
    Everyone commented on it.
    Margaret M