Monday 15 May 2017

Tag Winner Announcement...

Hello friends

I hope you all had a great weekend.
A mixture of sunshine and showers here but nothing stopped Bella-walking.
We were lucky yesterday in that Mitchell and his girlfriend cooked
Sunday dinner for us all, that meant I could craft for longer!
I'm thinking it should be a regular Sunday event.
In fact wouldn't it be amazing to have a personal cook...
dreaming now!

Thank you for all your comments last week on the Special Tag
giveaway post.  I was also victim to lots of spam comments - goodness knows 
what they were all about! 
Special Tag die is a pretty design and very useful for lots of projects.
But to the important bit - please scroll down to see the winner...

Congratulations to...

Karen Ashbrook

Please drop me an email Karen at
and I'll ensure your prize is sent out to you.

Please stop by tomorrow everyone - a Tuesday Treat!

Take care friends.


  1. Morning Christine,
    Nice to have a meal cooked for you, bet you enjoyed it.
    Well done to Karen enjoy your prize.

  2. Congrats Karen. Enjoy your day x xhazel

  3. Hello Christine
    Just found you ..glad you enjoyed the weekend with Mitchell and Girlfriend!
    Congrats to Karen too!
    Love Marg

  4. Hi Christine,
    So sorry i missed you yesterday , i must have been too early.
    Congrats to Karen .
    How lovely to have Dinner made for you .
    Elaine H X