Saturday 14 October 2017

Three years ago today...

Hello friends

Three years ago today it was raining...a lot!
It also happened to be the day that my craft cabin arrived.
I thought I would share my post again - the beginnings of my cabin
and now it is my second home...

The torrential rain arrived along with the Woodland Cabin.
But rain did not stop building, in one day it was completed.
It arrived in many many pieces on the back of a huge lorry.

 Just some of the pieces...

The building beginning...yes look at that rain!

 The roof going on...

The workmen got so wet that Mum tumbled dried their clothes!
She also kept them warm with plenty of tea and sandwiches.

 Mum and Elliott keeping watch.  
That's insulation sheets that went into the roof and floor.

And then it was finished!



And the obligatory Bella photo!

I'm heading to my cabin today, let's just say it isn't quite so empty.
It has become a very busy place with the stock room at one end
for Hope and Chances and my desk and 'essentials' at the other!
It is most definitely my calm place, also my girly pretty place -
Bella approves! 

Take care friends, enjoy your weekend.


  1. Good Morning Christine
    It doesn't seem 3 years since that work was done, you are a lucky girl having that built for you!
    Its still raining though! lol
    Love Marg

  2. Nice to look back and see how far you have progressed Christine.
    Have a lovely day.
    Elaine H X

  3. Morning Christine,
    Can't believe it's been three years, how time fly's.

  4. Hi Christine

    Wow three years since your beautiful Woodland Cabin came it seems like only

    a few months ago.

    Thankyou for sharing your memories. What a lovely place to craft in all warm

    and cosy.

    Luv n hugs Annxx

  5. Hi Christine
    It doesn't seem like 3 years since you told us about your cabin, where does the time go?
    I would love to see what it looks like now - inside and out
    Pat x

  6. Hi Christine, This is a beautiful 'nostalgic' post, my how time flies !!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Wow Christine that's amazing I could do will one for all the craft stuff I have amassed over the years.
    Love Anne Owens xx

  8. Hi Christine
    How lovely your cabin looks. I'm glad the workman worked in the rain. Most would down tools and go home.

  9. Hi Christine. It doesn't seem like three years since we were reading about this. Thank you for reminding us.

  10. Lovely recall of a life-changing day xx hazel