Tuesday 13 October 2015

Let's Craft!

Hello friends

I've got bits and bobs to share today, firstly how about these gorgeous hearts...
the very kind Kathy who owns Cherwell Leys Alpaca Farm came along to  
Emerald Crafts and presented these to Mum and I - all made with alpaca wool.
Kathy and I have been emailing for some years now and it was the first time
we properly met and it was wonderful.
There was also treats for the boys, Bella and cats!

Yesterday despite having lots to do I decided to allocate an hour to bear-making.
Cutting out all the pieces... that took time as you nip the backing fabric
so as not to cut the mohair blunt.

I made a start on the bear's head (looks a little bit like a dog!)  One ear is in place.
I'm hoping to do a little more today.

I also received this thank you card from Janice.
She has made a perfectly wonderful card using Gift of Happiness,
one of the Pop Up cards.
Janice has also added Sprigs and Blooms One.

It's a great die set as it comes with the plant pot, hearts, stars and more.

Wishing you all a great Tuesday!
Take care friends.


  1. Lovely gifts you received. Can't wait to see the completed bear.


  2. Lovely creations on show today Christine xx hazel

  3. Hi Christine,
    Really lovely gifts for everyone such a kind friend.
    The card is great too, really pretty.
    Can't wait to see a finished teddy bear,
    Take care. x.

  4. Hi Christine
    Nice gifts and such a lovely card , i do admire anyone who can sew anything together ,looking forward to seeing the end product.
    Elaine H X

  5. Hello Christine
    Can't wait to see finished Bear and yes it does look like a Dog !
    Lovely card from Janice Too!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  6. Hello Christine,
    Lucky lady to receive such beautiful hand made crocheted hearts, with flowers. They really are lovely. Then to also get a pretty, pretty card from Janice, this must have made your day.
    Isn't it lovely to finally meet someone you have previously only corresponded with. Roll on the end of the month and I'll have the great pleasure of meeting you. Yippee !!!!!
    Love Maureen xxxx

  7. Morning Christine, Lovely projects and a lovely Thank You card, the mohair hearts are fabulous, and can't wait to see the bear.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Morning Christine,
    Lovely post today, gorgeous crafty things to please and the pretty card.

  9. Gorgeous hearts Christine, and how nice that you finally got to meet Kathy after all this time, equally nice that she was laden with gifts!
    Thank you and everyone so much for your kind comments on my card. I thoroughly enjoyed making it, and the die set is fabulous to work with!
    I like your dog's.....I mean bear's head! I'm sure when it's finished it will definitely look like a bear - you're so clever with your different crafts.
    Janice x

  10. Hello Christine
    It is lovely to see crafty makes from other people and even more special to receive them as gifts. The alpaca hearts are beautiful and Janice's card is delightful.
    Your little bear is already developing a character and I can't wait to see him finished.
    Take care and happy sewing

  11. Hi Christine. Your bear's head does look a bit like a dog at the moment doesn't it. What a beautiful card Janice sent you, it is so pretty. Take care xx