Thursday 22 October 2015

Oh Christmas Tree...

Hello friends

Delighted you liked yesterday's mini tree featuring 
Bitty Blossoms.
I thought it might be nice to share with you a larger version
featuring Spiral Blossoms.
I made this a while ago, Anne remembers this as she attended the class :)

This one needs a full sheet of 12 x 12 to cover the cone
and takes approximately 70 flowers...
I think I probably watched a few films whilst rolling them!

I inserted a garden cane to affix my label message at the top and ribbon.

Some tips for both Spiral Blossoms and Bitty Blossoms that work for me:

Use good quality paper or thinner card, if you use thicker card spritz
lightly with water.

To begin rolling, I use the pokey tool end of my Tool n One -
wrap the first curls around that to create a nice circular roll
and I then continue with my fingers.
Rolling firmly but not too tight.
Once rolled I let go and let it find its own shape.
I then apply a liberal dob of glue onto the base and affix.
Put to one side to dry fully and then tweak (quite a lot!) afterwards.

My favourite size of Bitty Bossoms is the medium one and my favourite
Spiral Blossom is Spiral Blossoms Three - love those pointed petals. 

Of course these need not just be for Christmas, all done in ivory or white
for a wedding would be lovely.

Take care friends,  I'm back tomorrow.


  1. Morning Christine
    Your tree is stunning! I remember when you showed it a couple of years ago, a real WOW!
    Janice x

  2. Wow-stunning project & you could make this in colours to suit the room/occasion/recipient.


  3. Beautiful Christine love them both. could you please remind me how to pin your posts i seem to always struggle with this thanks in advance xx hazel

    1. Hazel, if you hover over the picture a 'P' should appear to allow you to pin it :) x

  4. So time consuming Christine but so worth it , it is just gorgeous .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  5. Hello Christine
    Love these cones of flowers !
    So much work but Beautiful again Christine!
    Love Marg

  6. I remember seeing this in your shop - it is beautiful

  7. Morning Christine,
    I do remember this when it was on your blog last, it's gorgeous, such a lot of work, pure dedication on your part.

  8. Morning Christine, Gorgeous spiral flower tree, I remember it from before. There are a seriously 'lot' of flowers on this project, but they look stunning.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Such patience!! but we'll worth it looks great best wishes Jackie x

  10. Hi Christine, Love the tree will have a go sometime . love Jean Z xxx

  11. Another lovely project Christine - O to have the time to do them all !!!

  12. Another magnificent tree Christine. Really love it.
    Val in Spain x

  13. Christine thank you so much for your tips on rolling bity blossoms I will try again, Ann

  14. Another lovely project Christine. I've been Rollins bitty blossoms today for a 60th Birthday card I n lovely autumnal colours.
    Chris xx

  15. Wow Christine, so gorgeous, what a statement project!!!
    Thanks for the tips on Bitty Blossoms, I have those and forget to use them!
    You are so inspirational!
    Love and hugs
    Sandra xxxGood morning Sue,
    Nice, clean and simple card today, quite sophisticated in it's look, it looks like a high end department store style card!
    I hope everyone going to the big show is Scotland has a lovely time, don't spend too much!
    Had a lovely day with Pat and Sue yesterday, cutting lots of your Christmas card dies Sue, chatting lots too!
    Have a great day everyone
    Sandra xxxx

  16. Absolutely stunning Christine I love it a lot of hard work has gone into this I can tell.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  17. Hi Christine,
    What a glorious tree! I didn't think you could top the one you showed us yesterday, but...I think this has done that :). I've ordered a couple of cones and the bitty blossoms from your lad and I think I'll also add some of the other flowers that I've made in the past. I'm thinking I'll do one for my sister as she will be moving to a new house in the next couple of weeks so it will do for a house warming gift and a Christmas gift all in one lol. She'll be closer to you than she is to me when she moves. Right now she's only about 12 miles away in Newquay but she's moving to a village just outside of Spalding, so your side of the country rather than mine :). Now a question...did you fix the flowers onto the cone with hot glue?
    Bejay x

    1. I used regular PVA to affix the flowers, less messy and dries clear :) x

  18. Hello Christine,
    Another beauty today from you. I also think this would look fabulous in yellows and white for Easter. I had a brainstorm yesterday when I was describing the dried Christmas trees I made all those years ago, I used dry oasis cones and wired the decorations. But, I am going to do an up-to-date Christmas flower one for my daughter.
    Maureen xxx

  19. Wow Christine this is beautiful. Might have a go at this or perhaps a smaller one.