Saturday 7 January 2017

A Frosty January Card!

Hello friends
So can I get away with this? I hope so!
I'd forgotten to share this silver and white card project
not a Christmas card you understand...I'm calling it a frosty January card!
It features corner dies from Becca Feeken's border collection
and Layered Poinsettia.
The silver is patterned vellum that I picked up ages ago,
this is the reverse side because I liked it more.
I'm locked away in my cabin crafting 24/7 this weekend and beginning of next
week - lots and lots of projects to prepare for CHA.
Forever thankful that I have my Mum and Dad on hand,
cups of tea, sandwiches, dog walking - they are so good to me (and Bella).
Before I became super busy I did take the Christmas decorations down (sigh),
the house looks so dull now.  I've kept a twig tree in my conservatory so
I'm not completely devoid of fairy lights.
So here's a question did any of you go shopping in the sales?
I didn't, I find it too bustling and I normally end up buying something I don't
really need!  But what about you?
Take care friends and wrap up warm, frosty but beautiful at the moment.


  1. Hi Christine.
    Thank you a lovely card.
    Like you I stay away from all the sales it is too busy.
    Have a good weekend Take care and have fun Kitty.

  2. Hi Christine
    Lovely card. No way do I go to sales. I don't need anything so I save my pennies for crafting goodies.

  3. Great card-perfect for Frosty January!! My only sales shopping was craft items using Christmas gift vouchers.


  4. Hi Christine,
    A lovely Frosty January card, the velum looks lovely. I have stayed away from the sales, they do tend to put all the rubbish out anyway, although I did buy a dress on line.
    Happy crafting
    Chris xx

  5. Hi Christine
    A very beautiful card , love the patterned vellum ,i have some similar to this ,must find it and start to use it.
    No going to the sales for me Christine , got my lot on line so much easier.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  6. Gorgoeus winter birthday card Christine, no Christmas card in signt.
    I did the sales online dont do physical shopping as dont like crowds. Still waiting for the items to come which is frustrating. Hope you arn't too cold in the cabin x xhazel

  7. Good Morning Christine
    Pretty card and as you say a Winter not Christmas card!
    I don't leave the house much (COPD),so I tend to buy on line and most of is craft.
    Nice that you have your Mum and Dad to help you!
    Love Marg

  8. Morning Christine,
    Lovely card.
    I don't go shopping full stop, not very mobile now, but never did like shopping. Sainsburys' have just deliverd.
    Don't work too hard.

  9. Hi Christine

    Gorgeous card as you say "Frosty" January very apt I have a couple of January Birthday cards to make so here goes.....

    Like you when we take down the Christmas Decorations I always feel sad so I am
    going to use a gift card I got at Christmas and treat us to a nice colourful plant to cheer the house up.

    Enjoy your crafting in your beautiful cabin your Mum & Dad are fabulous bet
    Bella so enjoys being spoilt she is so cute.

    Luv n hugs Annxx

  10. Hi Christine, A very pretty frosty-looking card !!
    I don't like crowds at the Sales, and avoid them, but I was shopping for food last week in M&S and ventured into the clothing section (thankfully it was very early morning and not many people), and I saw a duffle-style coat hanging on the end of a rail, loved it, tried it on, and bought it within 10 minutes. All my crafty sales have been online, but still waiting for them all (that's the downside hahaha).
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. Hi, Christine,
    I love your frosty January card and you can certainly get away with calling it that lol. I hope you don't wear yourself out in your cabin and that you remember to come out before it gets too dark!
    I've stayed well away from the sales..however...I had to go into town this morning and went into Poundland to find that they were selling off all their Christmas stock for...wait for it...25p each! So I got 8 packs of tree decorations for £2!! I bought a new tree last year, doesn't it feel funny saying that, and it's a 7'. My last one was only 4' so even though I made a lot of decorations for it I was still a bit short. It was fantastic to see so much stock still available as this time last year it was all gone. I should be okay for next Christmas now with more than enough lights and decorations and I can spend this year crafting anything except decorations lol
    Bejay xx

  12. Hi Christine. Lovely frosty card for an early January birthday.
    No sales shopping for me either, just a few craft goodies. Xx

  13. A lovely frosty card Christine, the vellum sets the white off beautifully.
    Janice x

  14. Lovely card Christine though so far we have been lucky and not had too much frost. I went over to Keep on Crafting to support Mandy's shop and bought a couple of bits but despite all the shops in Bury St Edmunds I didn't see anything I wanted to buy. Haven't really been interested in going anywhere else. Best wishes Jackie x

  15. Lovely card Christine. Don't like shopping especially sales but do have vouchers to spend. Would have no trouble if they were craft vouchers.