Sunday 8 January 2017

Victorian Sapphire Chocolate

Hello friends

I'm venturing out of my cabin to type this blog post -
pleased to say it's toasty warm in there - 
very efficient heater and all insulated.

I'm on a crafting treadmill right now - I'm not complaining as it is
a fantastic job but wow I've got to make lots and lots of projects.
So now I have your sympathy (!) you will forgive me for
posting a Christmas project?
I thought about renaming it Winter something or other but 
thought I'd better just come clean and say it's Christmas,
especially as it has 'Merry Christmas' across the middle!

Yes, it's a chocolate wrapper - so easy to do.  I've been making
them for quite a few years now.  The chocolate doesn't last that long!

My design uses the Victorian Sapphire dies, I've sliced the red tags
in half to extend the length, layered up more designs and
made squares into diamonds. would not be a Christmas project if it did not have mini poinsettias.

Really enjoyed reading your comments yesterday,
it seems we are all of a similar mind - not keen on the bustle of sales.
Though saying Patricia I too espied a coat in M&S,
a blue check design.  Tried it, liked it, bought it.
Driving home I wondered if it looked like a travel rug!

I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Take care friends.


  1. Lovely Chocolate wrapper Christine, those little Poinsettia are really cute.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  2. I love your chocolate wrappers Christine! This one is gorgeous for Christmas. Enjoy your crafty 'busy-ness'!
    Looking forward to seeing your makes ;-)
    Janice x

  3. Great idea -lovely. Have fun in the craft cabin.


  4. Morning Christine,
    A great project, don't mind you showing Christmas, it's all craft.

  5. Glad you are warm amd toasty in the cabin. Looking forward to seeing whats at CHA on TV when it launches. Gorgeous chocolate wrapper, it has given me ideas for Easter. xx hazel

  6. Hi Christine
    I love the Chocolate wrapper, and it's OK to show Christmas projects still. I've vowed to make one or two Christmas cards a week, but am wondering if I can realistically achieve it. We shall see. Good luck with your projects, I can't wait to see what you come up with.
    Chris xx

  7. Hello Christine
    Must admit I made two Christmas cards yesterday it seems I'm still in the zone, lol!
    Nice that your cabin is warm, love the choccy wrapper too!
    love Marg

  8. Great wrappers Christine and that little poinsettia is lovely. Hope your creative juices are still in full flow will be interesting to see the CHA shows again on C&C. Are you going to the show? Best wishes Jackie x

  9. Lovely Christine. Always love your wrappers and packaging type things. I used them a lot when my granddaughter was at University and I used to send her little bits from time to time - she's a bit of a chocoholic too!

  10. Hi Christine, I'm chuckling away here lol, have you changed your mind about your coat or have you decided you love it !! I wore mine to Church this morning, it kept me toastie and warm and I felt great in it !!
    I adore your choccie wrappers and it wouldn't be Christmas without the mini poinsettias, I love this.
    I have vowed to start my Christmas cards in January this year, and I'm definitely going to, so carry on with Christmas inspiration, I say hahaha.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  11. I've been missing because either Blogger or Internet playing up and keeps dropping out I love the chocolate wrapper and have done a few in the past Friday's die is lovely AND I didn't venture to the Sales either Bought some crafting goodies in the Sales instead on my laptop No trying on and just know they'll "fit" perfectly!

  12. Hi Christine. Love your pretty chocolate wrapper, with its mini poinsettias. Chocolate doesn't last long with me, especially if it's plain, my favourite. Xx