Thursday 19 January 2017

Rainbow butterflies

Hello friends

Definitely steering away from all things cold and frosty today

Three butterflies (these are from the Victorian Sapphire range),
select your favourite rainbow colours, die cut your butterflies,
position randomly including off the edge of the card, trim, stamp 
and Bob's your Uncle!
Why do we say that?  I'm intrigued by sayings so I looked it up...

"Bob's your uncle, an expression meaning "everything will be fine", 
originated when Arthur Balfour was unexpectedly promoted to 
Chief Secretary for Ireland by the Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury
in 1900. Salisbury was Balfour's uncle and his first name was Robert."

Ok so sometimes the facts can be less inspiring! 

Today and tomorrow is city job and then I'm back to speed crafting
as I'm doing lots of shows next week on Create and Craft,
just awaiting my final times etc and I'll be sharing those with you
and some sneak peeks of projects.

Take care friends, keep warm and think of butterflies!


  1. Hi Christine
    A lovely summery card today, so simple but effective. Looking forward to the shows, hope you are on the days I'm not working, otherwise I will watch Catch Up.
    Take Care
    Chris xx

  2. Good Morning Christine
    Blooming cold today and the Frost is thick too!
    Nice and cheerful card love the colours!
    Love Marg

  3. Morning Christine, A lovely summery-feeling to this card, which is great in this dank, dark weather !!
    Have a lovely day in the City.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  4. Good morning Christine your card goes well with the blue skies and sunshine here in Suffolk though it is a bit nippy! Looking forward already to your shows. Best wishes Jackie x

  5. Gorgeous card. I had a book of why do we say that not sure if i still have it though. Was very interesting knowing the origins. Have a good day x xhazel

  6. Hi Christine,
    Lovely card.
    Looking forward to your shows next week.
    Take care. x.

  7. Love this card, a cool idea for the fab butterfly die which I have! Yay! xxx