Friday 24 February 2017

Friday Die Day

Hello friends
This week's Friday Die Day is featuring Flower Top Box
and I think it is so cute!
A design by Marisa Job who has brought us the Box of Treats,
Surprise Me Box and more.
There are three dies in the set and the measurements are approximately:
Overlays: 1.00 x 0.85 in (2 pcs)
Box Half: 7.00 x 4.30 in
This is how they look cut/embossed.
To create the box you need to die cut the box half twice.
I didn't actually emboss, I found that just with the cut it was enough
to see the fold lines.

Fold along each fold line including the little tabs.

You will see the tabs affix to create the base of the box.
I used liquid glue for that bit of 'wiggle' room.

Affix the side tabs too.
Make sure you bend the petals outwards a little.

To close the box you can tie with twine or ribbon.
I also used my bone folder to shape the petals a little.

After cutting lots of overlays I selected to decorate just one!
My signature mini poinsettia cut in pink and little leaves.

Positioned and affixed to the one panel.
The finished box.


Flower Top Box is available to pre-order and will be in stock next month.
Important...chocolate sizing, my estimation is that it could contain
two Ferroro Rocher,three smaller truffles
or quite a lot of Maltesers!
Take care friends, let's hope Storm Doris blows herself out
and you are all safe.


  1. Christine and Elliott.
    Thank you this is a lovely little box.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  2. Lovely little box Christine,thank you for the Tutorial .
    Elaine H X

  3. Hi Christine
    That is the cutest little flower box.
    Chris xx

  4. Hi Christine,
    A really lovely box thank you for a great tutorial.
    I hope you have a good day. Take care. x.

  5. Morning Christine,
    A very pretty box.

  6. Haha love the chocolate sizing scale right up my street. Beautiful box and die set and of course the famous poinsettia. Have a great day xx hazel

  7. Good Morning Christine
    I think Doris has left the area, thank goodness!
    What a beautiful little box I wasn't expecting it to be so sweet when I saw the Dies!
    Love Marg

  8. Morning Christine, Didn't have any internet access yesterday, it was one of those 'grrrrrr' days haha.
    This little gift box is lovely, I adore the beautiful flower head it makes when you gather up the flaps, really lovely. I don't know how the designers come up with these engineered designs, I so admire them.
    In the horrid wind yesterday, one of our fence panels collapsed and fell off, my hubby came home and managed to screw all the panels back together and then get the panel back into the fence, we knew that we would need to replace the whole fence this year, but 'Doris' has a lot to answer for haha, I was terrified as I don't like strong winds at all, it make me so scared, thankfully it has subsided now.
    Enjoy your day in the City.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Hi Christine

    Gorgeous little box would make lovely favour boxes for a Wedding I think that the

    beautiful flower top would make a gorgeous sunflower.

    Like Patricia I am scared of these very high winds we had an awful time

    yesterday about 7 ridge tiles have "Flown" off the roof very scary thankfully

    its a bright day today and the winds have calmed down.

    Luv n hugs Annxx

  10. Very pretty box Christine. Maybe the die will be one for my wish list!

  11. A very pretty die set I love boxes that have a different design and fastening

  12. Hi Christine does make me smile with the references to how many chocolates fit in a box but it is a very useful reference! ! This die set makes a lovely box with the flower head. Best wishes Jackie x