Monday 14 September 2015

Launch Day is Here!

Hello friends

So the day has arrived, the Craft Channel launch!
I will be appearing in the two hour launch show starting at 8am and 
then I will on at 10am - Spellbinders Platinum show.
No, not nervous at all!! Gulp!

This chap (aka Elliott) has been amazing, he's been behind the scenes at the studio a lot -
so much so that Julian Ballantyne calls him 'the Chairman'! 
And in between he's organised a Design Team for his blog and the website -
apparently news on that being announced today!

I do hope you enjoy the shows and like the look of the Platinum machine - 
the steel rule dies are amazing!

If you are on Facebook you will have seen some of the videos, also take a look at
Dawn Bibby's page as she  has some great videos showing a tour of the studios,
whereas most of my photos tend to be in the reception area!

Take care friends, I'm carrying all your good wishes with me today,
(as well as a few calories from yesterday's roast dinner!)


  1. Go, show them how it's done Christine, you are the best! Well done to the 'Chairman' too,
    For helping and keeping you a little calmer, I am sure! Be reassured we will be watching (if I can online)!
    Love and huge hugs

  2. Good luck!! Fingers crossed everything goes fine, looking forward to seeing your show.


  3. Best Wishes for today, I am sure it will be great, will be watching if I can find the channel on my Freesat box
    Lilian in Cornwall

  4. ooo a new machine cant wait to see that in action. Have fun today will be watching xx hazel

  5. Morning Christine,
    GOD LUCK. The machine look amazing, pity I purchased the new Big Shot when it launched, as my G.C had died.

  6. Good Luck Christine!......... all my best wishes go with you today!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  7. Hello Christine,
    Good luck today, I hope it goes well for you. I've retuned my TV but can't get the channel on Freeview!!!
    Maureen xxx

  8. Hi Christine, Good luck I am sure you will be great . love Jean Z xxx

  9. Morning Christine, I've just watched the launch and your 10 am show, it was brilliant and you were fantastic. I have had to watch on my laptop, the picture was ok but the sound kept going off periodically, but didn't have an affect on my viewing. I loved it, it was great to see Paul Lavers again too, I watched them many moons ago on the 'other' channel haha. The Platinum machine looks fabulous, I wish I could afford one.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Enjoyed the show Christine. You did well. Like the new machine

  11. Hi Christine
    I hope everything went well this morning, I am sure it did, you were always brilliant on the other channel. I have checked out the Craft Channel website and am going to see if I can watch your show online tonight. I can't wait to see the new Platinum machine.
    Take care

  12. Have not (as yet) managed to see the show but will try and catch up tonight. Hope all went well.
    Much love Valerie xx

  13. I watched the show, you were fabulous! Well done! xxx

  14. Hope all went well today Christine, I'm sure it did! Hoping to see if I can catch anything online later as I have only got the ordinary Freeview which isn't suitable.....yet! I've been up in London all day with hubby at a hospital appointment.
    Janice x

  15. well done today ,and good luck on all the shows you do ,Laura O