Sunday 27 September 2015

Sunday Giveaway!

Hello friends
Let's have a happy Sunday with a giveaway!
Following my Friday Die Day I'm giving away a pack of the Stylus tools
for the Tool n One.

Occasionally that boy of mine allows me to pillage the stock,
I have to sign for stuff!! He's got everything ship shape believe me.

As mentioned these fab little tools are great for moulding/shaping flowers,
embossing, dot-painting tools and more.

 Three different sized tips make them jolly useful.
To possibly win a set it's easy peasy - please ensure you are a follower of this blog
(I'm definitely competing with that boy of mine and his blog!)
and please leave a comment on this post.
A winner will be picked out and announced next week.
I've had a lot of enquiries on how to become a follower.
There's a few choices - you can add my blog to your reading list
from the blogger dashboard - you click on 'Add' and then input
If you have a Google account you can click on my sidebar -
there is more information on how to do that here.
I will be adding an RSS feed button soon and I will explain about that later -
apologies if I sound like I'm talking Swahili!
Have a great Sunday everyone, my roast dinner should be at the hotel
today - I do hope so, it wouldn't feel like a Sunday otherwise.
Take care friends.


  1. Hi Christine
    I read your blog daily and you show us great techniques which I find so inspiring
    Pat x

  2. Ha ha I forgot to follow your new blog ( have done so now) can't have favourititsm ( god knows if thats how to spell it!) . I do have some old parcment craft tools that I use but these look SO much better and I do want to try out that fab painting thingy you did the other day.

  3. Morning Christine
    I must say these hearts look just great,really must have a go at this.Like you everything will get the painted.
    Thanks Jan

  4. Morning Christine,
    A very useful tool, the addition of the extras would be useful. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Hope you get a roast at the hotel..

  5. Hi Christine,
    You have made these little tools a real must have.
    The painted heart looks great.
    I hope have a good day and a Sunday roast. Take care. x.

  6. I have had the Tool n One for a while and have been meaning to get the new attachments. I can see how useful these will be. Have a great Sunday. Gillian xx

  7. Morning Christine
    These attachments look really good and would be very useful....I love my Tool n One! Thank you for the chance to win these.
    Hope you are enjoying your crafting weekend away, and enjoy your roast today!
    Janice x

  8. Good Morning Christine!
    I must admit I have the Tool n One but not the additional bits, I was obsessed with Parchment when it was on QVC, and bought lots, so I tend to use them!
    Enjoy your dinner at the Hotel!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  9. Lovely giveaway. Loved the demos on this on Friday. Hope you have a lovely Sunday dinner and a great day crafting xx hazel

  10. Great little tools I should invest in these and the tool in one. Saw some hotel pics on Facebook it looks fab x

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  12. Christine, I would love to have the chance to win a set of ball tools to go with my spellbinders tool n one thanks, Ann Morris

  13. Morning Christine, I am so excited !!!!! I am loving the accessories for the tool n one (which I have), but I haven't been able to afford to buy the add-ons , so thank you, Christine, for the chance to win a set.
    Elliott is so good to you haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  14. Morning Christine, I am so excited !!!!! I am loving the accessories for the tool n one (which I have), but I haven't been able to afford to buy the add-ons , so thank you, Christine, for the chance to win a set.
    Elliott is so good to you haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Hi Christine
    I do hope you get your Sunday Roast thats what Sundays are all about Tradition !
    Thank you for the chance to win these tools, i had to smile when you said you had to sign for them , your boy will go far believe me .
    Good Luck everyone.
    Have a great day Christine.
    Elaine H X

  16. Hi Christine, Love the little tools they are great, Thanks for giving us a chance to win them . love Jean Z xxx

  17. Hi Christine.

    What a wonderful give away. Thank you for the chance to win it.

    Enjoy your Sunday lunch.

    I'm going to my favourite Chinese restaurant for lunch tody-yum.

    Love Val in Spain x

  18. Great giveaway. Hope you enjoy your Sunday lunch.


  19. great giveaway ,have a nice Sunday ,Laura O

  20. Oh Christine, there's nothing like a bit of healthy competition between mother and son lol. Elliott is
    certainly keeping you on your toes...fancy making you sign for stuff...that young man will go far lol.
    I hope you got your Sunday roast okay...I'm feeling a bit jealous as mine consisted of a cheese and
    ham sandwich, it was on freshly baked bread though :)
    Bejay x

  21. Hello Christine
    Great giveaway. I think I am a follower but I seem to follow you via e-mail, does that count?
    I hope you had a lovely Sunday lunch.
    Take care

  22. Hope you had a good weekend Christine, would love to be in with a chance.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  23. Like what you have painted. Must have a go at this.

  24. Hi Christine
    Absolutely loved the description and look of the project with these tips. Think I might have to add them to my tool in one to try it out!

    Chris Harrison

  25. Hi Christine. wonderful tips Thank you, take care Kitty.

  26. Ooh these are fab, I could make good use of them. You never disappoint Christine!

  27. I would love a set of these, the pokey tool has a much finer point by the look of it. Jean x

  28. Hi, love how you have used these tools they look a must, pleased you had a lovely weekend, x