Wednesday 4 November 2015

Calling all Chocolate Lovers!

Hello friends

If you've stopped by Facebook you may have already
seen that I'm a member of the Chocolate Lovers' Club.
This is a group that is having fun promoting Carole Matthew's
latest book - The Chocolate Lovers' Christmas.

Recently I received a parcel full of goodies ...
along with chocolates - I have 5 copies of the book and tiaras 
(everyone should own a tiara...honestly it's like an instant makeover!)

Now my plan was to host a party but seeing as I'm away so much at the 
moment unless I opted to host it at an M1 service station it just wasn't going to happen!

So I've come up with an alternative...

Who loves chocolate and who would like one of the Chocolate Lovers' 
Christmas  books and a tiara?
If it is you then I need you to pop your creative head on and make a chocolate
wrapper - any design but if it features Spellbinders so much the better :)

Take a pic and send it along to

There will be 5 winners selected who will receive a copy of the
book, a tiara and box of chocolates - yummy!

The closing date for this is Wednesday 11 November so please
dash your photos off to me by then.

And there's more...
if you are a winner and you send a photo of you 
modelling the tiara and holding the book - the best one will receive 
a new set of Spellbinders dies!

Go's all fun and anything that involves chocolate is always good!

Looking forward to seeing your wrappers!

Take care friends.


  1. Look fun! But I got my copy of the book on Monday - AND I can't eat chocolate! - so I'll not play this time. I hope you'll be sharing photos of the winning entries though, I'd love to see them!

  2. Cant wait to try this, love Carole Matthews books and I love chocolate and i love craft. What could be better, thanks Christine for the chance, Ann

  3. Brilliant idea & I love your chocolate wrapper.


  4. What a lovely idea Christine, might just be the thing to get my mojo going again xx hze

  5. This is a great idea Christine and should be lots of fun! You've set the 'bar' high with your wrapper ;-))
    Now off to buy a bar of chocolate!
    Janice x

  6. Morning Christine, Ohhhhhhhhh !! I would love to win one of Carole's books and a box of choccies and a tiara, Wowwwwwww !! I will have to give this challenge a try, your wrapper looks fabulous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Morning Christine,
    What a fun competition, I wish all that enter good luck. Carol's book are a good read.

  8. Hi Christine. Oh, this is a great idea. I love chocolate and Carols books so would love to win. I haven't made a chocolate wrapper before but will have to have a go at this. Your wrapper is so pretty, thanks for the inspiration, and for giving us the chance to win some lovely goodies : ) Have a good day. Take care xx

  9. Hi Christine
    How exciting and magical your idea is, i have lost my adapter thingymebob when i moved house,that enables me to upload pics, i will have to try to beg borrow or even steal one [ eeeks , no maybe not steal one ] however i will try to get one then i can enter.
    Loving your wrapper just perfect as always.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  10. Hello Christine
    Love Carole's books and this one is on the list!
    Good Luck ! shame I can't eat Chocolate!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  11. Hi Christine, Lovely idea looks good . love Jean Z xx

  12. What a fabulous idea, I'm off to buy my bar ASAP ! X

  13. Hi Christine,
    Love your chocolate wrapper and such a great idea for us all to have a go at winning the book etc.
    I hope you have a good time at the NEC. Safe journey and take care. x.

  14. Hi Christine what a brilliant fun idea.
    Kind regards
    Anne Owens

  15. Great idea! I have diabetes but I'm sure OH could manage! I'd love to win I don't know of Carole Matthews (how bad am I) So this would be the perfect opportunity for me to be introduced to her! I go on holiday soon and it'd be a perfect read whilst I'm away Your wrapper is stunning

  16. I have never made a chocolate wrapper but have been and bought a bar of chocolate and am going to make my first one! I really want to join in the fun! Your wrapper is gorgeous! xxx


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  18. Hi Christine a great idea, I will hopefully get my act together at the weekend and have a go at making a wrapper without eating the chocolate first.
    Chris xx