Thursday 9 February 2017

Just because...

Hello friends

Remember when I said I was using quite a lot of foil/mirror card recently...
Today's card is using Victorian Sapphire dies and is quite regimental
in its square patterns with just a little swirl sentiment to soften.
I've really got into the swing of using these smaller dies for projects 
so much so, when I pulled out a regular die this week I just sat
and stared at it for a while! 

Still enjoying using neutral tones too, it's not just that this paper pad is very close to my desk!

Back to city job today, my coach commute has been awful recently,
taking way over 2 hours each way so fingers crossed for me today please.

Take care friends - please stop by tomorrow for FDD.


  1. Morning Christine,
    A lovely card and I love the papers you have been using. Thank you for the Chairity Kit, that arrived yesterday whilst I was at work, I'll look forward to assembling it. Hope your commute isn't too horrendous today.
    Chris xx

  2. Beautiful card Christine, loving the clean and elegant cards. Lovely backing paper. I hope your journey today is a quicker one xx hazel

  3. Lovely card. Hope your journey to/from work isn't too bad this week.


  4. Good Morning Christine
    Lets hope today is quicker for you on the coach!
    Pretty card today!
    Love Marg

  5. Morning Christine, My fingers are firmly crossed for your journeys to and from work today. Here's hoping today is better for you.
    A lovely card, beautiful neutral backing paper.
    Have a great day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. I have my fingers crossed for you Christine, no fun waiting about in this cold weather .
    Thank you for the card today ,i have 4 men cards to make soon these will be ideal.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  7. Morning Christine,
    Lovely card. I don'y envy you that journey, 2 hours is awful.

  8. Hi Christine,
    Love your card today,
    I hope your journey has not been to bad.
    Take care. x.

  9. Lovely card Christine. Particularly like the sentiment - different without being too gushy.
    Hope your journey wasn't too awful x

  10. Lovely card Christine. I think we often forget these smaller dies. Thank you for sharing and reminding us. Hope your journeys are better today.

  11. great card love your simple style ,Laura O