Thursday 20 August 2015

A snowflake...or is it?

Hello friends

It's not Chrismassy at all today..or is it?
The die I've featured on my card is actually... Create A Flake Six!

I loved the pretty design and thought hold on a minute...
this would be a nice little medallion shaped flower.

Using 6 x 6 Matting Basics A and B for my card matting,
then each flower matted onto Classic Squares Large #2.
I found a little flower from Marisa's Bouquet on my craft desk along
with a leaf from Romantic Blooms One.

The sentiment is stamped and I hand cut the banner.
 Someone else was clearly confused as to whether it was a flower or a snowflake!

I hear Hope and Chances blog is having a giveaway...
might be worth a nose! 

Take care friends and pop back tomorrow for Friday Die Day.


  1. Hi Christine.
    thank you so pretty. Take care Kitty.

  2. Good morning Christine
    Great card today, it doesn't look at all Christmassy. Obviously it was the flowers Bella was smelling! Such a cute little nose.
    Your son is fighting dirty on his blog!!
    Take care

  3. Lovely idea and love the colours. All a world away from Christmas. i was pondering over this die set last night might have to purchase it now xx hazel

  4. Morning Christine, What a good idea, so very effective placed onto the bank of squares, gorgeous.
    Bella is wondering "what's this on my wall", lovely piccie.

  5. Lovely card Christine, And such pretty colours. Elliott is doing a great job with the Blog and Website, you've got great competition there.
    Chris xx

  6. So pretty love those pastel colour. :) Have alovely day xx

  7. Great card & clearly the die doesn't have to just be used at Christmas. Bella looks cute investigating the card!!!


  8. Hi Christine,
    Love this card you really show what can be done with the dies.
    Elliott is really doing well,the competition is great for us,we get a giveaway.
    I hope you have a good day. Take care. x.

  9. Hi Christine, Love the colours and the card. You will have to watch Elliott he is doing well ah ah . love Jean Z xx

  10. Hi Christine.

    Just love todays card. Just up my street.

    Love Val in Spain x

  11. Wow, you'd never know it was a snowflake die, you've made it into a lovely card Christine, gorgeous
    colours too.
    Have a good day.
    Janice x

  12. Everyday I say I love your cards and I do, but I really love this one!! The colours are gorgeous and I have just received my matting basics from Elliot so I'm half way there for this one. X

  13. Hello Christine!
    These are such pretty colours like Sugared Almonds!
    Thanks for instructions, so useful!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  14. Wouldn't have known it was a snowflake die if you hadn't said! Love the summery feel best wishes Jackie x

  15. Lovely card Christine beautiful colors and design, Loving the competition between Mother ans Son ,
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  16. Very pretty card Christine and it certainly doesn't look like a snow flake - very clever.

  17. Hello Christine, I often look at your blog, love your work, today I felt I really must say something and not just be cheeky and walk in and walk out again.
    Love today's card, also that this die doesn't have to be just for Christmas. My kind of die. Brenda xx

  18. This is beautiful , love the shades of colour on it. Xx

  19. I'm totally confused now I thought you were closing your other blog page That this one was superseding it
    Love the card by the way Who'd have thought you'd used a snowflake die ... Poor Bella!

    1. Hi Karen, my old blog is linked to the Hope & Chances website and now run by my son Elliott, I've got this new blog to play with :)

  20. Hi Christine. It is good to see Christmas dies being used all year round like you have on this lovely card. Sorry but I don' t use Facebook but I love this new blog. I think you have made a very wise choice making Elliott such a big part of Hope and Chances. I think we are going to see lots of friendly banter between the two blogs : ) Take care x

  21. Hi Christine
    Gorgeous card. I love the colours you've chosen. So fresh and summery. Bes.t wishes, Anne O