Thursday, 27 August 2015


Hello friends

If you didn't see it on Facebook already I do have some special news.
I'm returning to TV, I've been asked to do some shows on The Craft Channel 
which is launching 14 September.
It's all come about rather quickly and I've been super busy getting shows organised.
I got to spend a day at the studios in London this week, 
it is wonderful to see it all coming to life.
 These are faces you may find familiar - Debbie Greenwood and Julian Ballantyne -
they are so much fun and in this photo they look like they're not letting me go!
Someone else came along to the studios...
 And he was quickly set to work!
It was all hands on deck to get organised.

So, the details:

The Craft Channel is launching at 8am on 14 September - their website is here.
You can watch on Sky 261, Freesat 402 and online.
Freeview is coming soon.
Also hoping for Virgin Media - if you subscribe to Virgin please message them..
they need to know how important it is that we should view it there too :)

Exciting and busy times ahead, I will keep you posted on more news.
For those who have commented on Facebook sending such kind words and wishes -
- thank you so much - you're all lovely!


  1. Many congratulations, looking forward to the two new channels.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  2. Crafting is really going ahead in leaps and bounds with two new channels. I shall be on holiday when this new channel starts but perhaps Free view will have started by the time I come back so I can see it. Anyway congratulations on your appointment and good luck with the launch. Is Elliott appearing with you?!! Best wishes Jackie x

  3. Fantastic news Christine-well done. I'm looking forward to the launch & seeing you back on TV.


  4. Great news Christine, I'm so pleased for you!
    It was fabulous seeing the news yesterday on Facebook. I'm sure Elliot enjoyed his trip to the studios too, looks as though he was kept busy!
    Lots of change in the crafting world at the moment. I'm looking forward to the new craft channels starting. I have the recorder set for today's launch too!
    Enjoy your day.

    Janice x

  5. Good luck with the craft channel sorry i will not be able to watch. Please don't stop the blog, already missing my daily fix, thanks Ann

  6. Hi Christine
    Gosh i can not believe how Elliott has grown and he is such a handsome young man .

    There seems to be a big shake up between channels on the craft side of things and that can only be good , a bit of competition never hurt anyone so they say and to be honest i have not been watching the usual craft program very much over the last few months { too much waffle and not enough demo's } so i just watch my favorite's .

    Huge Congratulations again Christine it will be nice to see you back on our Screens ,Debbie and Julian seem to be lovely people and they know how very precious you are thats why they don't want to let you go ! i just hope Freeview will be in time for the show starting as i don't want to miss it.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  7. Lovely photos, nice the see the md still getting his hands dirty xx hazel

  8. Hi Christine. What great news, both for you and for us as we will get to see you demoing your wonderful cards on TV. Will Elliott be on screen too? : ) Enjoy yourself but try not to work too hard getting everything ready! Take care xx

  9. Congratulations Christine. The recognition is well deserved.
    Two new craft channels. So looking forward to watching them both and it will be good for the usual craft channel to have some competition.
    Love Val in Spain x

  10. Morning Christine,
    Wow! it's like buses you wait for one and two come along. It's all good competition, I do think C&C has become very stale with too much of some companies. Will not be able to watch this one as I only have freeview, so hopefully it will be available in the near future. GOOD LUCK.

  11. Hi Christine Good luck on your new adventure . love Jean Z xx

  12. Wonderful news Christine. No wonder you've had to have a new MD - I can't imagine how you find the time to do all that you do! Will have to start calling you Wonder Woman! It will be something to look forward to watching when I get back from the U.S. X

  13. Hello Christine
    Two new channels thats something to look forward to!
    I have Freeview so I can't watch you, I have seen Debbie and Julian on QVC ,and wondered where they were!
    Good luck........ all this choice, it will be good to have healthy competition for a change!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  14. Hi Christine, Wow !!!! I wasn't expecting that !!! Great news, I love Debbie and Julian, watched them on QVC. I only have Virgin and Freeview, so hopefully the new Craft Channel will be going onto Virgin, my fingers are crossed. Thank you for letting us know.
    Hope everything goes well.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  15. Hello Christine,
    Congratulations on your forthcoming TV appearances. I have met Julian when I went to QVC and he was so kind, supportive and caring. He was a true gentleman, really lovely. I'm putting the date and time in my diary and will watch you without fail.
    Love Maureen xxx

  16. Fantastic news, Christine. I'm looking forward to this autumn with two new craft channels on TV. I've always loved the enthusiasm Julian bring to everything he does and I hope you get him to join in.
    It looks like a certain CEO of yours took over building the set lol. x

  17. Congratulations Christine how exciting I will look forward to watching you on the new channel x

  18. Good news Christine, you have been gone too long! Look forward to it, please inform us when your show times are coming up.
    Good luck
    Chris Harrison

  19. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing what this channel provides Will need to put a reminder on my phone And Good Luck

  20. I'm so excited, been wishing for ages you would be back on TV ! I still have the gorgeous handmade chocolate wrapper that I won ages ago when you were on c&c. I just pray that Virgin gets onboard !! Well done you really deserve it, what a great team you and Elliott make xx

  21. Congrats Christine, be great to see you back on TV and it will be good to see how the new channel goes, got to admit I checked into Hochanda last week a few times and it was pretty grim..but with a name like the Craft Channel it's sure to be great! CZ X