Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It's grown!

Hello friends

Today it's about my garden chair!
I know that's not craft related but I wanted to share its growing progress
with you.

It started out like this...
It began to grow and climb...
and now look at it!
No flowers as yet but delighted with its growing effort so far.
The recent rain has definitely helped.

I'm inordinately happy about this chair, it was destined to go the tip
many years ago.  It brings a smile to my face when I see it being up-cycled.

I saw in a magazine recently that Clematis grows beautifully in hanging baskets too -
so that's on my list now.  Perhaps my fingers are beginning to have just a tint of green-ness. 

Take care friends - real craft resuming soon!


  1. its still a craft Christine even if it is gardening, love your chair cant wait for the flowers to come next year and see how its progressed xx hazel

  2. That's great-the clematis have put on so much growth in quite a short time. You certainly do have "green fingers "!!


  3. Morning Christine,
    Looking good. A clever idea.

  4. Hi Christine, Will look lovely with flowers but it is doing well . love Jean Z xxx

  5. Hi Christine
    A lovely idea , your clematis is doing really well , this time next year you will have flowers in abundance .
    Have a lovely day
    Elaine H X

  6. Good morning Christine
    The chair looks amazing. I struggle with clematis, I have yet to manage to keep one alive. Maybe the pot is the way to go for me. Must give it a try.
    Enjoy your day

  7. Hello Christine
    Such a pretty chair, shame it was scrapped, but now it is useful again !
    My Garage is completely covered in Clematis, and each year Blackbirds nest in it !
    Lets hope you can keep yours more manageable than mine lol!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  8. Hi Christine. It is lovely to see the progress of the Clamatis over the chair. Yes, it seems like your fingers are getting ever greener, and not just from ink pads : ) Take care xx

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  12. So sorry about the duplicated comments. I am still getting used to a new phone! X

  13. Hi Christine. The chair is looking lovely. It will be beautiful when it flowers.
    Love Val in Spain x

  14. What a lovely way to be "green" Congratulations on your success with the clematis best wishes Jackie x

  15. Yippee Christine,
    I've found you again. I still go on Elliott's!!! blog, but lost this one and couldn't remember how to get on,then opened my eyes and saw the icon on the right hand side . Doh, technology and old people do not always go together lol.
    Your clemetis chair is coming on nicely, it will look stunning by next summer and be a lovely feature.
    Love Maureen xxx

  16. Hi Christine
    I wonder if this would work for me as well. Looks like it's not in a large pit either, which is good. Will be lovely to see it when it has flowers on.

  17. Third time lucky in posting...my post keeps vanishing before I can publish it. I love how well the chair is doing, it's going to
    look fantastic in flower. I bought a white, small flowered variety from a plant seller on ebay two years ago. It was
    just right for a length of trellis as it's a variety that can be grown as a hedge. No flowers last year
    but this summer it bloomed...not a clematis after all but a white honeysuckle lol. It's still beautiful though.xx

  18. Hi Christine, I'm loving the progress on your clematis chair, it's really starting to 'roam'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  19. It's really beginning to take shape I really like the idea of the chair and next year it will be amazing x

  20. It's definitely a craft In fact I'd call it an art because if I try to grow anything it doesn't survive So you can imagine my panic at the moment I am nurturing a bonsai tree for my daughter's fiancé We've bought him one (long story!) for his birthday on Monday! Your chair looks really good I can't wait to see it in flower

  21. Looks very good Christine. Looking forward to seeing flowers on it.

  22. Well done Christine, this looks great. Plenty of rain to help you out today. - at least there is here !!