Friday 22 September 2017

Friday Die Day and Day 9

Hello friends
This week's Friday Die Day features a new Christmas die -
A 5 piece sentiment die set and this is how they look cut from red cardstock.
I particularly like 'Be Merry' !

I delved down my box for some other die cuts and discovered
Fretwork Accents, Classic Oval, a snowflake from Create A Flake Six
and a mini poinsettia.

I placed a white mat onto a card front.  Added Fretwork Accents,
layered the oval and the sentiment to middle.

The finishing touch was the snowflake and mini poinsettia - easy!


Naughty or Nice is available on the website here.
Fretwork Accents is available here.
Create A Flake Six is available here.
There is a Christmas section on the website here,
more items will be added very soon - also did I mention it is FREE postage and packing!
Day 9
I should have mentioned that on one of my shopping trips I took a look
down the pet aisle and could not resist picking up these dog food trays.
The flavours - Porterhouse Steak and Filet Mignon!
My Bella has eaten them but insisted on a topping of ham!

On this day Kim and Brian had something very special planned -
a trip to Kalona - Amish land.
I knew very little about the Amish, I looked up some details before I went
but nothing could prepare me for the real experience.
Kalona is a beautiful little town, also known for its wonderful quilts.
First we visited a church where the traditions of the Amish and Mennonites was explained.
In basic terms - the Amish are known for simple living, plain dress and reluctance
to adopt modern conveniences and technology.  The Mennonites came about from
reform movements among North American Amish - some live as simply as
Amish others embrace more of the modern world, it's a varying scale.
We then travelled to an Amish community where we visited a Buggy Shop,
these carriages are handmade with metal wheels, the time and expertise is
astounding.  Everything is handwritten and accounted for, hours worked in a tally format -
no computers here!

A finished closed buggy and note the corn stored behind the wood panels.

Following the buggy shop we visited a dairy and store but the highlight
was dinner at a Mennonite home.  The hostess was an elderly lady who has
been cooking for visitors for many years, she has embraced some of the modern
world and catering for this amount of people I truly do not blame her!

We are eating dessert here - delicious apple pie.
In all honesty I do not know how I made room for it because there
were many previous courses. 
To start it was bread with peanut butter and/or apple butter.
Then salad served with fruit flavoured tapioca, yes cold tapioca flavoured with fruit!
I actually found something I did not like.
Main course - beef, chicken, potato and green beans.
Then the courses came around again!
Except apple pie - that was just the one course :)
It was another amazing day in Iowa where I learned so much.
And here I documented my trip in keepsake book.

Thank you for following my holiday journey.
I'm back tomorrow with more.
Take care friends - have a lovely weekend.


  1. Morning Christine and boys.
    Thank you so much the photos are lovely the Amish are very interesting people.
    I hope Elliott is'nt too tired after his first week at uni.
    Todays card and die set are great too thank you.
    Take care and have fun Kitty.

  2. Great photos again Christine, I bet the Amish visit was extremely interesting.
    A lovely card, I really ought to start getting back into crafting now the winter is approaching fast.
    Have a good day
    Chris xx

  3. Hello Christine
    The Amish sound like it was when I was a teenager no computer etc, we didn't have a tele till I was 18!
    Not sure about the font on the letter Dies, sorry!
    Hope this week has not been too much for Elliott and you feel back to normal!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  4. Beautiful card Christine loving the little poinsettia .
    You had a cracking holiday .
    Elaine H X

  5. Really enjoying reading your holiday blogs. I find the Amish way of life fascinating - have you read any of Beverly Lewis books - all set in Amish communities a real insight into how they live and good stories along the way. ....and yes they do a fair amount of cooking and eating....

  6. Morning Christine,
    A lovely card.
    More great photos, a great experience into another world, looks amazing.

  7. Interesting die set but not one I feel I would use sorry. Your day out sounds a wonderful experience and the pages in your journal are great. No doubt doing your daily update is focusing the mind to do the journal!! We all come home saying we will do one but most times don't get around to it. Best wishes Jackie x

  8. Lovely dies set and card Christine, I did spot this one yesterday on your website. Great photos and what a treat Amish town visit and lots of great food xx hazel

  9. Morning Christine, Wow !! what a fabulously interesting time you have had in America, I would have loved to see the Amish town, I have watched lots of documentaries on TV about the Amish way of life, and what a beautiful buggy.
    Lovely dies and card too. I'm also amused by the doggie meals, you couldn't 'not' buy them for your Bella, and what an accolade to have your name on the doggie food.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Hi Christine

    Lovely card and dies that little poinsettia die is so useful.

    What a wonderful trip you had to the Amish community very interesting to hear

    your stories. Did you see any of the Quilts? I did have a giggle at the

    very special doggie food for Bella she is so cute.

    Luv n hugs Annxx

  11. Hi Christine. What a wonderful holiday you look to have had, a big adventure love how you have documented your holiday. Thank you for sharing.
    Love Anne Owens xxx