Friday 15 September 2017

Friday Die Day and Day 2

Hello friends

This week's Friday Die Day is Mini Card/Booklet Gift Box,
a die designed by Becca Feeken - Amazing Paper Grace.

There are two pieces in the die set and the approximate measurements are:
Side Box Pieces: 3.5 x 3.00 in. 8.9 x 7.6cm
Box Panel: 5.40 x 6.20 in. 13.7 x 15.7cm

This is how each die looks cut/embossed.

To create the box you need to cut two of each.
Fold along the score lines.

The smaller pieces are the box sides and the larger pieces make up the
box base and lid.  It is really easy and all makes sense when the pieces are in front of you!

The box glued together.

To decorate I used Gossamer Knot die with silver mirror card behind
I enjoy making these with the little stamens to the middle.

The finished box.  It is a generous size ideal for larger gifts.
It has a good depth for plenty of chocolates!

Mini Card/Booklet Gift Box is coming into stock within about a week and
available to pre-order on the website here.
Gossamer Knot is available here.

Other news:  I will be at The Art of Craft in Hampshire on Saturday,
teaching a workshop in the morning and demoing in the afternoon.
If you live that way it would be lovely to see you.

And now...

For those following my recent holiday, I'm on Day 2.
I'm not posting the holiday stuff on the Hope and Chances blog,
just here on my personal blog.
Day 2 was a full Chicago city experience day.
Despite eating a lot the night before I thought it appropriate to start
the day with an American breakfast - French Toast.
The waiter was very excited to serve this to me as it was my first taste
of French Toast and added the fruit and cream especially - I did not object!

Slightly weighed down by the breakfast Cathy and I set off
downtown to see the famous buildings - known as The Magnificent Mile.

This is the 360 John Hancock Building, we travelled to the observatory
on the 94th floor - yes 94th!

If you are a daredevil (I am not!) you can try the 'Tilt' experience.
You hold onto the side bars and the window section tilts forward for a view over the city.

I was very happy to enjoy a gin and tonic and take in the view from a fixed window!

Back on the ground I noticed that these dog statues are on virtually every block.
I investigated...each one measures 54" and are made of fibreglass.
They are part of K9s for Cops campaign to pay tribute to the canine unit,
to honour fallen Chicago police officers, provide financial assistance to
families of those wounded or killed in the line of duty, and
raise money to support the spay and neuter program offered by PAWS Chicago.
The statues are sponsored by local companies or individuals and designed by local artists — including three Chicago police officers.
Now isn't that just lovely :)

A little further downtown this building stood out amongst the
modern skyscrapers.
This was originally a water tower and the second oldest water tower in
the whole of USA.
Also worth noting that behind this beautiful building is a Ghirardelli.
Delicious chocolate and ice cream - I know...I checked!

Cathy and I walked miles that day (my Fitbit was buzzing).
I almost felt I justified the enormous burger meal I had that evening
in Rock Bottom!

Stop by for Day 3 and some craft soon.
Also please stop by on Sunday - it is Charity Kit Day, postponed from last week.

Take care friends - have a smashing weekend.


  1. Hi Christine
    Just great.Love your photo's.
    Jan x

  2. Stunning box and dies used Christine. Lovely photos, I'm with you on the tilting glass x xhazel

  3. Great gift box, very pretty.

    Chicago looks like a very interesting place to visit.


  4. A lovely post today, I love hearing about your holiday and seeing the photos. Your box project is very pretty too.
    Have a lovely day
    Chris xx

  5. Good Morning Christine
    Love the Box and the Dies!
    Looked so exciting in Chicago not sure about 94 floors and the windows though, makes me shake just thinking about it!
    Love Marg

  6. Morning Christine,
    Love the box you have made, so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday photos looks amazing.

  7. A lovely box to make that gift extra special Christine
    Why did you come home ? OMGoodness what a fantastic time you were having .
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  8. Hi Christine

    A gorgeous box very useful. Wow what a fabulous breakfast really enjoying your

    holiday journal Chicago looks great I do love the K9 idea what a fantastic

    way to raise funds and make people aware.

    Hugs Annxx

  9. Hi Christine, love the little box glad you had a lovely holiday pictures look amazing. I couldn't lean on that window turned my stomach looking. I am a right chicken.
    Love Anne Owens xx

  10. Fab box and wonderful photos! I would have loved to have done the window lean, awesome! The dogs are sooooo cool! xxx