Wednesday 20 September 2017

Hump Day Giveaway and Day 7

Hello friends

I'm back in the routine so much so I even got round to defrosting the freezer yesterday!
The door got left open when I was away so it was all very frosty,
(it's one of those messages you would rather not receive!) 

Also pleased to announce Hump Day Giveaway is back.

This week the giveaway is...

A pre-loved set of Make Mine Lemon Lime
A fun die set designed by Debi Adams.

Yana from the Spellbinders office has made this gorgeous project 
using this die set.

If you would like to win this pre-loved set please leave a comment on today's
post either on this blog or the Hope and Chances' blog here.
A winner will be picked out next week.

If you would like to purchase Make Mine Lemon Lime,
it is available new and pre-loved on the website here.
(Free postage!)

Day 7
I have lots (I really mean lots!) of photos to share with you today!

I'm in beautiful Iowa.
Kim and I left Tami's home after a breakfast of doughnuts and melon
(I call that perfectly balanced).  
Interestingly Tami puts salt on her melon...!?

First stop Winterset.  This town is famous due to it being John Wayne's birthplace.
We spent a few hours in the brilliant museum dedicated to his life and films.
I had not realised how many films he had starred in.
What stood out to me was that he was such a personable man,
there were copies of many letters he had handwritten to fans.
I also did not know that he was very tall...about 6' 3".
Had a custom built car at one point.

And this was his home.

Inside it has been fitted with furniture, appliances of that era.

I espied this original photo on the wall and thought it was wonderful,
look how small that pup is.

Just along from his birthplace is a 'Freedom Rock'.
These boulders are popping up all over Iowa, painted by Ray Sorensen II
as a thank you to veterans.  
"Painted with the ashes of the dead, a Freedom Rock is a living reminder of fallen warriors".

My head was buzzing as I left Winterset and Kim still had lots planned for the day.

Next stop... Bridges of Madison County - oh my goodness, a dream come true!
I first read this book in the early 90's and then was thrilled when 
Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep starred in the film adaptation in 1995.
If you haven't seen the film, you must!

There are a total of six covered bridges built in the 1800's.
The reason for them being covered is to protect the wooden struts in bad weather.

The woodwork inside.

Sadly Cedar Bridge has been badly damaged by fire.

By this time we were ready for lunch and we visited Northside Cafe,
the actual cafe featured in the movie.

My first experience of a Hot Beef Sandwich.
It is pulled meat placed on white sliced bread, mashed potato and gravy.
It is delicious!  Filling food served to farmers back in the day
(or today to a UK tourist who wants to try everything!)

And to add just a few more calories we went for Apple and Blueberry Crisp,
similar to a crumble but with oats and cereal on the top.

We were then heading back to Kim's home but not without one further stop,
a garden centre - Howells.
This was fascinating, it differed greatly from our garden centres.

A wonderful collection of dried flowers.


A 'tub' ride!

Another use for hay bales!

My first day in Iowa - it was jam packed and wonderful!
We arrived back at Kim's home late that evening, 
my room - country and perfect.


And, as promised, I'm sharing with you the book that Kim gifted to me.
Here are my pages documenting John Wayne and the Bridges.

If you are still with me then thank you, I know it is a long blog post!

Stop by tomorrow - there's more and crafty stuff too.

Take care friends.


  1. Hi Christine and another happy hump day. Thank you for sharing the photo's of your trip I'm really enjoying them.
    Fab giveaway today, I can feel a gin and tonic card coming on.
    Have a great day.

  2. Morning Christine and boys.
    Thank you sovery much for sharing you holiday photos, lovely memories.
    Happy hump day.
    take care Kitty.
    Oh sorry a lovely card and give away.

  3. Hi Christine
    Loving your holiday stories, it's almost like being there.
    Your card is very pretty, I would love the chance to own the die
    Pat x

  4. What an amazing adventure Christine, how lucky are you. Looks like you made the most of your holiday, wonderful stories. Thank you for the chance to win another hump day die.
    Love Anne Owens xx

  5. Fabulous card Christine great for summer birthdays. I remember this die being demoed on C&C, love it. Oh dear first the spaghetti now the freezer, but at least its defrosted now . Fantastic photos, love the giant painted boulders they should do that here too. Looks like you had a brilliant time, well derserved xx hazel

  6. Lovely card & a fun set of Dies.

    Great photos of your first day in Iowa.


  7. Hi Christine
    Lovely card and die set , your holiday snaps are very interesting , i will show my hubby later he was a big fan of the Duke.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  8. Hello Christine
    I did the Chest Freezer last week, ice coming up to the lid, that was a job and a half!
    Love the pictures what an adventure to put into a book!
    Anyway Happy Hump Day!
    Love Marg

  9. Morning Christine, Ohhhhhh, I am so jealous of what you 'saw' on your trip, the birthplace etc of John Wayne must have been fascinating, Kim has taken you to fabulous places, and your bedroom at Kim's house looks fantastic, you have got lots and lots to put in your journal.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Morning Christine,
    What a wonderful post today, really enjoyed your memories, I loved the film too.
    Your sandwich reminded me of my late Mum, we were in San Francisco and she said I'm not very hungry I'll just have a sandwich, when it was served we could not believe the size of it it was just like the one you had.
    Happy days.

  11. What a lovely read this morning Christine. Using dies for lemons is not something I would have thought of using but makes a super card with the right sentiment and now I'm thinking cocktails after reading of the unusual things you have been eating!! Pulled beef on bread, yes. But mashed potatoes and gravy as well. Sorry, not for me. The dessert though, now that's another matter!! Best wishes Jackie x

  12. WOW Christine, such great photos of your trip. Keep them coming please. Love the Citrus card too, reminds me of summer, a great die set.
    Happy Hump Day,
    Chris xx

  13. Hi Christine and Happy Hump Day!
    I'm loving your posts about your AWESOME trip!!! Thanks for sharing your amazing journey and experiences!!!
    Love your pages!!! They will be great memories!!!
    Thanks for this new giveaway! Beautiful set!!!

  14. Love the john Wayne Rock and my all time favourite film Is the Quiet Man with Maureen O'hara .
    I would love to make Lemonade with that die set

  15. A lovely card and some lovely photos. Thank you.

  16. Morning Christine, lovely summery card, reminds me of relaxing days in sunny Italy sipping a gorgeous Lemoncello. Those Sicilian lemons are always so huge.
    Your photos are lovely and so interesting. A fabulous holiday for you. Xx

  17. Hi Christine

    Nice bright and summery card great to cheer us in this awful wet weather.

    I am really enjoying following your holiday trip everything is so interesting

    and the food well what can I say we have a family saying if on Holiday there

    are no calories in it he he he :-) just so lovely to see you so relaxed and

    enjoying time spent with lovely friends.

    Hugs Annxx

  18. Hi Christine
    Great holiday pics and stories. What a lot you packed in during such a short time.
    Lovely card and giveaway! Quite a few ideas foe those pesky cards for men!!
    Best wishes,
    Anne O

  19. Love the fresh colors on your card! Awesome time you had on your trip!