Monday 25 September 2017

Tea and Chocolate

Hello friends

I've been AWOL for a couple of days!
I have a good excuse, celebrating a friend's 50th birthday in London town.
A truly great weekend with a special themed afternoon tea
and a chocolate tour.

Sharing some photos with you.
This might be a clue as to the tea theme...
Yes Beauty and the Beast.

Special biscuits.

Here we all are.

Some of the lovely tea items, inside 'Chip' cup is a white chocolate mousse,
Cogsworth is an almond cake/biscuit, there's a special fruit jelly and macaroon.

The birthday girl - she loves all things flamingo hence the headwear!

Cream inside Mrs Potts and table ornaments.

Five of us stayed up in London and continued the celebrations with a chocolate
tour the following morning.
The exceptional nice Rococo in Chelsea was our starting point.

I'd like to say the amount of walking burns of the amount of chocolate
you eat but that sadly that is not true!
Across the road is this amazing bakery.

Some Kensington and Chelsea sights.
It is full of very pretty people with lots and lots of money!

Door knocker extradornaire!

After a 3+ hour tour we finished in a wonderful cafe,
we couldn't manage these pastries.

The birthday girl was presented with an almond tart at this last stop,
at this point we were all in a sugar coma!

A very special memorable weekend.
Back to crafting today and my holiday blog posts will also resume tomorrow.

Take care friends.


  1. Hello Christine
    Lovely day and lovely Birthday for your friend!
    Love Marg

  2. Hi Christine, What a beautiful Blog post today, you all seem to be having such fun, the piccies are fabulous. The pastries look gorgeous, as did the fabulous tea items. I especially loved the doorknocker, how genius is that !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Sounds and looks as though you all had a wonderful time. Best wishes Jackie x