Wednesday 13 September 2017


Hello friends

I'm home and I've got lots and lots to show and tell,
the holiday of a lifetime.
I just need to catch up on some sleep and I'll be back with you.

My total travelling home time amounted to about 26 hours so 
my body clock is completely askew! 

I'll be back later today with giveaway announcements and more.
In between a photo of our new cabin sign that I had printed up in Missouri.

Take care friends.


  1. Hi Christine

    So glad that you are home and safe

    Loving the sign it's brilliant

    Take good care and rest Bless you

    Luv n hugs Annxx

  2. Hi Christine, love the sign bet you are shattered, will take a while catching up. Have a good rest. Love Anne xxx

  3. Love the sign Christine, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your holiday adventure, so glad you are back safe and sound too
    Chris xx