Saturday 23 September 2017

Lavender Trike, Tallulah and Day 10

Hello friends

Featuring Lavender Trike today and that beautiful frame die
behind is Tallulah Frill.
I chose black card for the trike and lilac card for the lavender just tipped
with some distress ink.
Ivory for the frame die and a die cut sentiment.

Very simple to make and a little more 'fussy' than my normal style
but good to step out of my box occasionally!

Lavender Trike is available to pre-order here.
Tallulah Frill is available to pre-order here.

Today I'm heading up to London to celebrate a friend's birthday,
we have a themed afternoon tea and a chocolate tour tomorrow.
I really think it is diet starting on Monday!

Up to Day 10!

Kim had organised another busy and fun day,
first stop a Prairie Conservation Centre.
Again, I learned so much here, how the prairie was once just for wildlife
and then man did a good job of changing that.
Thankfully this conservation centre is reintroducing all the wildlife back.

This one will not be going far!
It was fascinating to see the size of these animals. 

This plant was everywhere on the prairie and adored by butterflies.
Being a conservation centre you could drive around but warned to keep your 
car windows closed just in case of buffalo!

Next stop another beautiful town called Pella - America's Dutch treasure.
Difficult not to spot the Dutch influence with this enormous windmill.

Along with packed quilting shops - 
(oh I really want to learn how to quilt in my spare time!)
they have a tulip festival, I feel I may like to return for that.

Pella is famous for a pastry called Dutch Letters.
These are puff pastry filled with a cinnamon paste - very very nice!

We could not go by a pet shop without taking a peek.

And was delighted to discover they make Dutch Letters as dog treats.
I went to buy one and got chatting to the shop assistant who remarked upon my accent -
(that happened a lot!)
Turns out a friend of hers who worked in the coffee shop up the road was heading
to London on a student exchange programme, would I mind going along
and say hello to him.  Would I mind? Of course I did and what a 
nice young man.  Also Bella got a free dog treat!

They built a canal in Pella to add more 'Dutch-ness!'

And fun shot - clogs that are way too big for me.

We set off to drive home, quick stop to see Brian's sister who has
the most adorable Standard Poodle (I can't believe I didn't get a photo!)
And for dinner - T Bone steaks on the grill - wow I felt truly spoiled!

 Take care friends, I do hope you are having a lovely weekend.


  1. Morning Christine and boys.
    Thank you for the lovely card inspirstion.
    Christine when do you think you will have spare time for Quilting? lol.
    Thank you lovely photos.
    Have fun Kitty.

  2. Hi Christine
    A lovely card and more great holiday photos. Have a lovely day in London.
    Chris xx

  3. Beautiful card and die Christine. Fabulous photos. Have a fab day xx hazel

  4. Hello Christine
    Love the Trike card so pretty !
    Love the photos you sure had a nice time, Quilting now that is a dream, you need more time to fit that in!lol
    Enjoy the Chocolate in London today!
    Love Marg

  5. Hi Christine a great card loving the plants in the baskets.
    I would love to have a try at Quilting i did look into it last year but a 1 hr lesson was £60.00 far too expensive for me .
    Elaine H X

  6. Morning Christine,
    What a lovely card.
    Great photos too, everywhere looks amazing.

  7. Gorgeous card - I love the background die and the bike is soooo cute! Fab photos today, I have missed a few - will try and catch up! I am hungry after seeing pastries and cake! xxx

  8. Pretty card Christine. Such interesting photos too. X

  9. Hi Christine, A love card, great die-set. Brilliant piccies of your time in the US, I wish you had a piccie of the standard poodle, I do so love poodles, I've had two sets of two, first set was a boy and girl in white, my second set were twin girls in chocolate, and I loved them all with all my heart, mine were 'miniature' poodles but I would have loved a 'standard' one. What did Bella think of her Dutch Letter treat.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  10. Lovely card and lovely holiday photos. Thanks for sharing with us.