Friday 4 September 2015

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

Today I'm doing a technique Friday Die Day,
exploring the world of Impressabilities.
I've mentioned these before I thought it would be nice to revisit and also
a reminder of what these little lovelies can do!

First off what are they?
Impressabilities are metal sheets, finely cut with decorative patterns -
capable of embossing, debossing, letterpressing and stencilling.

The approximate measurements are:

Outside Edge: 5¾ x 4½”

They are available in various designs - this is Paisley.
My favourite use of Impressabilities is combining them with dies.
Cut your die cut using your regular cutting sandwich.
For the embossing - first place the Impressabilities onto your base plate,
then the die cut inside the die (cutting edge upwards), tan mat and embossing plate.
I've used Labels Thirty Five for my demo.
The finished effect, you have a patterned embossed middle with a defined outer frame.
Another use - decorating envelopes.
I've placed the Impressabilities just onto the envelope flap,
used my usual embossing sandwich to create this speedy nice effect.
Great for invitations and weddings.
Stencilling - just hold in place with some removable tape,
gently use a sponge/ink blending tool to rub over and...
a soft effect is achieved.
Lastly - some letterpressing.
Cover the Impressabilities with ink, dab liberally.
Use your normal embossing sandwich to create this stunning look,
wonderful for card backgrounds and more.
Impressabilities really are...impressive!
And with lots of designs they are a great addition to your crafting tool kit.

Take care friends, wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hi Christine,
    Great tip, will definitely have a go at this.
    Chris xx

  2. Hi Christine. These are lovely and so versatile, something else to add to the wish list : ) Have a good weekend, whether you are home or at the TV studio. Take care xx

  3. Many thanks Christine. I have one of these still in the packet as I've never known what to do with it.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love Val in Spain x

  4. Christine, love todays tutorial. I sort of knew what to do but as a refresher like today's everything is clear again. It was fantastic. Trouble is I now want the paisley impressability too. Thanks

  5. What beautiful effects you can do with the Impressability stencil, makes me wish I hadn't given mine away!


  6. Hello Christine!
    Hope you had nice time at the studio!
    Love this Impressability but don't have one!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  7. Hi Christine,
    I hope you had a good time at the studios,really looking forward to seeing you back on TV.
    Great tutorial today,thank you for the inspiration.
    Have a good day . Take care. x.

  8. Morning Christine, I'm loving these effects you can get from the Impressabilities, thank you for the ideas.
    I hope the past couple of days at the studios went well.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Morning Christine,
    I have a couple of these and have never had much success using them, I think I should dig them out and have a play. Hope you enjoyed being at the studio.

  10. Hi Christine
    I too have a couple of these,i love your envelope idea so will be having a try soon.
    I am away now for a few days so will catch up with you next week.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  11. Lovely ideas Christine i have a few different impressabilities, I don't think they really get the credit they deserve xx hazel

  12. Good morning Christine I have only ever seen these as A4 size and didn't really think of buying them but your tutorial has shown how versatile they can be. Hope you enjoyed your time in the studio. Have a good weekend best wishes Jackie x

  13. Hi Christine,
    I always forget what to do with these and I have a lovely butterfly impressability. Thank you for the reminder! I've never seen it used with another frame though. I would have thought it might damage it, but good to see it doesn't. I like the effect with the frame. Best wishes, Anne

  14. Hi Christine, I have some of these and have never used them will have to have a go . love Jean Z xx

  15. Morning Christine
    Thank you for a great FDD! I have the butterfly one which I bought from you when I came to one of your classes, and I love using it. You've given us a good reminder of all the things it can be used for. Hope you had a good time in the studio this week.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Janice x

  16. Hi, Christine,
    Wow...I'm hanging my head in shame having to admit that I've never looked at these before! Now that I've seen just what can be done with them they
    have instantly made it to my ever growing wish list. Thanks for sharing with us. x

  17. Hi Christine I have one of these from way back and have never used it !!! I will now give it ago.
    Thanks Clare xx

  18. Hello Christine
    I have never seen these impressibilities before. They look like a very useful addition to my Spellbinder's collection. Something else to add to my wish list.
    Enjoy your weekend

  19. Love that you shared so many amazing ideas to use these beautiful embossing tools. Everything looks gorgeous as always!!

  20. I've had one of these for a long time but was never quite sure how to use it. Thank you for showing this. I will definitely use it now. Looking forward yo seeing you on TV. Hope I will be able to get it.

  21. I've seen them but never used them I like the effects very much