Monday 7 September 2015

Oh Mum!

Hello friends

Really...Monday, already! 
Weekends just whiz by at an alarming rate.
Pleased to say I had a nice time demoing in Coventry at 
Daisy's Jewels and Crafts.
Mum felt well enough to come along which was lovely for the long journey.

I'm not so impressed with Mum in this picture ...
can you see why?  Oh Mum!
I thankfully did not drink out of a Sizzix mug!

I was delighted to meet Elaine, a lovely lady who has followed my blog
for many years and has been amazing and supportive through Elliott's illness.
Both Elaine and her husband visited the store and had gifts too,
chocolates and cakes...I would show you the cakes but - yes you've guessed it,
they were gone before a camera could even get a look in!
Elaine blogs at Cake Coffee Craft, take a look here.

Talking of my mum, here's a card I made for her a while ago.
It features Graphic 45 Botanical Garden papers, 

I love those Blooms One!

It's rather summery card and yet right now it feels like winter is upon us,
definitely chilly at night.

Today I'm speed crafting again with samples and demos to take to the 
The Craft Channel studios, I promise you will get to see all of these -
I just need to wait a little bit longer! 

Take care friends.


  1. HI Christine.
    Lovely photos and pretty card. Take care Kitty.

  2. Very pretty card. Great to see your Mum was feeling up to a trip out with you. I'm sure she didn't use the Sizzix mug on purpose-he he!!


  3. Glad you had a lovely demo day and your mum was able to get out and about, we will for give the cup as she's just not too well at present lol. Looking forward to seeing you on TV and your samples . Have a good day xx hazel

  4. Hi Christina
    Lovely pictures of your mum. It was lovely meeting her in the flesh when you were in Worminghall awhile back. Have been looking back at your blog as we're on holiday in Salou. Good luck with the Craft Channel. My word were being spoilt for choice now. Not to sure about having to watch Dawn again though.

  5. Hi Christine
    It is lovely to see Mum up and about again , so pleased you had a great day and so nice of Elaine to visit bearing gifts . I love your G45 Card it is so pretty , not long for the TV shows now Christine im just hoping the Freeview Channel gets up and running by then.
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  6. Morning Christine,
    Good to see your Mum was up to the journey, she looks well. Love your card, Graphic 45 papers are gorgeous.
    Looking forward to the launch of the Craft Channel.

  7. Lovely photos Christine of your demo day, so pleased your Mum was able to join you, she's looking really well. Never mind about the Sizzix mug, I'm sure she was given it rather than chose it!
    Beautiful card you made for your Mum too, I bet she loved it.
    Sounds as though you have a busy week ahead......this time next week, we have lift off! I can't wait for the new channel to start, please be on Freeview!
    Janice x

  8. Hi Christine,
    I am pleased you had a good weekend.
    You always seem so busy .
    Hope you get some time for yourself soon. Take care. x.

  9. Hello Christine
    So pleased for you that Mum was up to travelling with you!
    I too am not sure about Miss Bibby, but there you go, can't please everyone !
    Please tell us when Freeview is able to view Christine !
    Take care
    Love Marg

  10. Hi Christine, so glad you mum is feeling better and looking forward to seeing you on the Craft Channel xxJean

  11. It was lovely to meet you and your mum, such a nice pair of ladies. Fabulous card using some of my favourite papers. Have a good time at the craft channel. Glad we will be finally seeing you on our screens again x

  12. So glad to see your mum is up and about again and I also am a fan of blooms one.
    Looking forward to seeing you on the Craft Channel soon. Take care x

  13. Hello Christine
    Great photos of your Mum looking so well. Yes it is a pity about the mug but I sure she was quickly forgiven!!
    Love the card. The G45 paper is to die for (pardon the pun). I have this pad and will only use it for very special cards. It smells lovely too. Blooms 1 is also a favourite of mine.
    Enjoy your crafty time
    Crafty hugs

  14. Lovely to see that your mum was well enough to travel with you I bet yo had a good giggle over the mug! Tell you what I would love a mug with your logo on it Wouldn't that be pretty I must get some G45 paper So many people rave over it and I've never tried it I can see that die set needs to be added to my collection too Your card is stunning and I love the colours

  15. Glad you enjoyed your girls day out! The papers you have used in your card look super. Enjoy the week ahead sounds as though you will be very busy
    Best wishes Jackie x

  16. Hi Christine, Great piccies, glad you had company on your demo day. Fabulous that your Mum felt well enough to go with you. I chuckled at the piccie with the Sizzix mug. The piccies are fabulous.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  17. H Christine, returned from hols to see all has changed, I have emailed yo, hope you received it xxxx

  18. Hello Christine,
    Sorry I missed this somehow - must have been drunk again!!! Glad to see mam back in the picture.
    Love, love this card. Really bright and summery.
    Love Maureen xx

  19. Hello Christine,
    Sorry I missed this somehow - must have been drunk again!!! Glad to see mam back in the picture.
    Love, love this card. Really bright and summery.
    Love Maureen xx