Friday 25 September 2015

Friday Die Day

Hello friends

Today's Friday Die Day is a tiny bit different as although I'm featuring dies -
Pierced Hearts what I really want to share with you is the brilliant
Tool n' One and Stylus Tips.
The Stylus Tips come in a set of 3 of varying sizes, they are interchangeable
and perfect for shaping flowers, embossing and more...

Using Pierced Hearts I have die cut a heart from black cardstock.
I have then used a smaller heart to draw around the inside with pencil to give me a guide line.
I'm doing some painting - yes messy stuff, not like me at all!
I saw this technique at The Handmade Fair on the Folk It stand and thought...
I'm going to have a go at this.
I have my heart, paint, tissue and my Tool n One with middle sized stylus tip.

Using a piece of scrap card first, dip the stylus tip into a blob of paint
(I've put my paint onto a non-stick baking sheet),
put two dots onto your card and then again using your stylus, draw down two lines to
join at the bottom.   
Follow your pencil line and work around the heart.
Honestly it is really easy - I'm totally useless at painting but found this a doddle.
Once you've gone all the way around, switch to the smallest stylus tip and add
tiny dots either side.
It's a good idea to wipe your stylus every few times with tissue so you get an even
amount onto the tip.
And this technique is great too.
I've put white dots onto a smaller die cut heart.
I've then added red dots right next to each one - still using my medium stylus for this.
Switching to the smallest stylus, just give them a swirl.
It creates little rose-like flowers.
Then back to the same technique used with the white,
add green leaf like shapes.
I'm so pleased with my first attempt,
I'm now thinking decorated watering cans, plant pots - watch out cabin!

Stylus Tips are available here and the Tool n One is here.
And yes the important bit, cleaning your stylus tips -
if the paint is wet it wipes off instantly with tissue,
if not, a baby wipe works fine - so no mess really - hurrah!
Take care friends - wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. How lovely and "looks" nice and easy too - thank you x

  2. Christine, that looks so very impressive may well give it a go, thanks, off to die cut my pointsetias for my crackers, Ann

  3. Hi Christine, love your painted hearts, thank you for sharing and showing the technique using the Tool n One. Hope that you have a lovely weekend.
    Kathy xx

  4. Hi Christine. Goodness me, another 3 days when I have missed commenting, sorry.
    I loved the summer card, so bright and clean. The two different scrapbook page takes of one layout are lovely (one day I will manage to start a scrapbook myself!)
    Today's painting tips are great, even I could manage that I think. The hearts look so pretty. Thank you for another one of your brilliant tutorials, they are always so clear and easy to follow : )
    I hope you continue to get on well with the lenses. Gemma loves hers and hates it when she has to wear her glasses even for the shortest time now. I bet you the same : )
    Have a great weekend. Take care xx

  5. Hi Christine, what a lovely idea will have to have ago. love Jean Z xxx

  6. Morning Christine,
    What you have done is very pretty, it may be easy to you but I can see the paint everywhere if I was to try it.

  7. Hi Christine. I do have the Tool in one (which works great) but not the tools. Looks like a fun idea.
    Love Val in Spain.

  8. Wonderful tips and what a great additional use for the tool n one. Love both hearts, thanks for sharing xx hazel

  9. Good Morning Christine
    You have made it look easy ...but I 'll bet its not that easy!
    Will try with something else, other that Gloss Paint, Lol.
    I hope your eyes are still enjoying the Lenses!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  10. Hi Christine ,lovely ideas shown i wouldn't mind having a go on my outside plant pots to brighten them up .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  11. Hi Christine,
    Great FDD,love what you have done it looks so professional.
    I am sure it could be used on many things.
    I hope you have a good day, Take care. x.

  12. Great crafty project-might even try this one as you've made it sound easy.


  13. Looks fab, seen this painting before, never had the nerve to try it though, yours looks fab, xxx

  14. What a great idea Christine,and you have made it look so easy! Another trend I'm sure you're starting, could be tried on all sorts of materials I guess?
    Great FDD & tips!
    Janice x

  15. Hi Christine
    You've made it look so easy! Two little spots. What could possibly go wrong.....
    Best wishes, Anne O

  16. Hi Christine, Wow !!! this is fabulous, I love, love, love, this painting you have done, and it's so effective.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  17. Hello Christine,
    How brilliant, and how easy (you made it look lol). Will definitely give this a go.
    Love Maureen xxx

  18. Hello Christine
    Wow this is amazing. I have the Tool n one which I have only ever used for removing my card from my dies. Now I shall look at it in a completely different light. Great FDD. Thank you.
    Take care

  19. Hi, love this technique, I might have ago. It reminds be of canal boats, thanks for sharing. X

  20. Love these hearts and the painting trick is awesome! xxx