Tuesday 15 September 2015

More today!

Hello friends

Well, I think things went pretty well yesterday,
The studio looked great and the presenters are professional and brilliant.
Everyone has been so nice, huge thanks for your messages.  
I really was holding my breath - it's been quite a few years since I did TV
and it wasn't like riding a bike!

The show yesterday featured the new Spellbinders Platinum machine
and I did receive quite a few questions so hoping I can answer those today.
Here I am with Julian explaining how useful the platform is - 
it has all the sandwich information.
Something I forget to mention...you can also use M-Bossabilities in the Platinum, 
the double sided folders do not require an adapter plate.  
The 3D folders do need an adapter plate which will be available to purchase separately.
On the shelf in the background is some of my samples - 
that's Bella in a very flowery frame - I will feature that shortly!

The two cutting plates that come with the Platinum measure 22cm x 15.5 cm.
To use the new Contour steel rule dies you do not need the platform.
Larger plates will be available to use with the Grand dies and the larger Contour steel rule dies.
 The machine's overall size - 
when the Platinum is closed it is a very similar size to the Grand Calibur.

The weight of the Platinum - 18.5 lb, just over 8kg -
I do get my pounds and kilos mixed up occasionally!

The Craft Channel has the Platinum as an online exclusive,
I believe there is a wait to purchase it elsewhere.
It's definitely worth checking out their Loyalty Club too!

Hopefully that's answered some questions.
I'm afraid I have no involvement with pricing, I'm purely there to demo and..chat a lot!

Today there are two further Spellbinders shows - I'm on at midday and 7pm.
These feature lots of demos and a lovely assortment of dies - think flowers!
I think there will be a few repeat shows too.

Lots of thanks again and take care my dear friends.


  1. Hi Christine.
    Good shows yesterday. Will the channel come on Freeveiw?.Take care Kitty.

  2. You did some lovely shows nice to see you back on TV. love the platinum machine x xhazel

  3. Thanks Christine for saying what you did on the craft show for those of us who can't get it yet, Ann

  4. Hi Christine, you were brilliant yesterday, loved the demos and clear explanations. The whole event was superb, presenters natural and professional and quality sound and camera work. Congratulations and well done! Love Carolyn x

  5. Hello Christine
    I so want to be able to watch you, but I don't have HD ,or these other things, just plain old Freeview !
    So will have to wait!
    Glad it was so successful for you too!
    Take care
    Love Marg

  6. Morning Christine, I absolutely loved your shows yesterday, I had to watch on my laptop, but that was okay for a short time. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they broadcast on Virgin or Freeview though !!
    The Platinum machine is fabulous, and I think a great selling point for it is that there will soon be an accessory for making it into an electric machine, which will be ideal for people with dexterity problems.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  7. Enjoyed the show, well done! Professional and relaxed presentation. Like the fact that The Platinum can take the steel rule dies. Congratulations! Jeanette xxx

  8. Glad you enjoyed the show and it was a huge success, sadly i could not get you so i will just have to be patient and wait .
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  9. Morning Christine
    I wasn't able to find any repeat shows online last night, so I still haven't managed to see you. There's plenty of chat on FB about it, so I am keeping up to date that way!
    So pleased to hear your first day was a success, you must be pleased! I'm sure your next shows will be easy peasy for you. Will all the shows be pre-recorded, or was that just for the launch day?
    Raining here again today, think our Summer has made a quick exit!
    Janice x

  10. You were great Like the look of the Platinum but out of my price range at the moment

  11. Morning Christine,
    You seemed at home yesterday, very relaxed, as if you do it very day. The machine looks good but as I said yesterday I have the Big Shot Plus now. Look forward to seeing what you have for us today.

  12. Hi Christine,
    Loved your show yesterday,really looking forward to today's .
    I am looking at them on my iPad,I am amazed at myself I found it really easy.
    I hope you have another good day. Take care. x.

  13. Hi Christine. Sorry I haven't commented for a while but I have been thinking of you and I am delighted that the launch of The Craft Channel went so well for you. I can't get it ony TV so will have to watch online at the moment, don't want to miss seeing you now do I : ) Life is getting back to normal here so will be back to commenting on every post, I hope! Enjoy yourself on today's shows. Its great to see Elliott is there helping you in the background. Take care xx

  14. Hi Christine - glad you are off to a good start on The Craft Channel. Haven't managed to watch yet but I do have your recorded and hope to get to in soon.- keep up the good work.

  15. Hi Christine, loved the show, have you on record, do you know when the extras like the larger plates and 3d embossing plates will be available? Also will there be any other extras we will need to buy after purchasing the platinum? Xx

    1. The larger cutting plates should be in stock very soon at The Craft Channel, I'm making enquiries regarding the adapter plate for the 3D embossing folders :) no real extras, it's good to go with regular dies and the majority of the Contour dies as soon as it's out the box xx

  16. The show was fantastic yesterday and you were brilliant! xxx

  17. you were great today like the platium machine have noticed the craft channel is only for few hours in the morning ,or is my tv playing tricks on me ,Laura O

    1. Shows morning and evening, break in the afternoon or crafternoon as we're calling it :)

    2. Would love to be able to purchase the adapter plates for embossing with the Platinum but they don't seem to be available anywhere.

    3. Would love to be able to purchase the adapter plates for embossing with the Platinum but they don't seem to be available anywhere.